New York Seasonal Jobs

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APPLETON GROWERS ASSOCIATION Farmworkers and Laborers, Crop, Nursery in Appleton, New York

24 Fulltime H-2A Seasonal Jobs available 08/12/2024 - 11/08/2024.

(Known Members of Association: Two of Clubs Orchard LLC and Singer Farms LLC)

Workers will pick, clean, grade, sort, pack and load apples, cherries, plums, prunes, apricots, and peaches, do fence and trellis repair and other orchard maintenance. Cut down, prune, plant and fertilize trees, work with tree and orchard irrigation and make repairs. Must be able to stand and walk long periods of time, use sharp instruments, able to do ladder work and lift 50 lbs. Workers will operate tractors and work platforms. Workers must have 3 months verifiable agricultural field work experience.

Workers who posses a valid standard Driver's License may be asked to transport equipment, tools, and plants using pickup trucks, small flatbeds, and cargo vans. All fuel and materials to perform this duty will be paid for and provided by the employer. Possession of a valid Drivers License is NOT a requirement.

Requirements: * Workers must have 3 months verifiable agricultural field work experience.
* Must be able to lift a minimum of 50 pounds * Exposure to extreme temperatures * Extensive pushing/pulling/sitting/walking * Frequent stooping and repetitive movements.

The full terms and conditions of the job (form ETA790a) should be reviewed and provided to qualified applicants from this website: For qualified applicants requiring a Spanish translation of this job order, please email or call 1-877-466-9757. Please include the applicant name and job order number in your request.