New York Seasonal Jobs

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Two Rock Ranch Sheep Farm Labourer in Berne, New York

1 Fulltime H-2A Seasonal Jobs available 04/01/2024- 01/30/2025.

We are a small sheep farm with a herd of 150 registered White Dorper ewes. Our ewes lamb from May to January. Lambs born in sub-zero weather for the Easter market and other religious holidays need extra care. Lambing is the highest risk time for the mother ewe and although lambing in warm weather eases that risk, the increased risk of disease and predators necessitates additional care for both ewe and lamb. The result is a very seasonal work load of raising lambs.

Duties and Tasks: Perform all work as directed. Works closely with the owner to evaluate and develop ranch infrastructure and adopt company operating procedures to the operation. Ability to work outside in all types of inclement weather. Attend to live animals that may include cattle, sheep, swine, goats, horses and other equines, dogs, and any other animal housed on the ranch. Duties may include feeding, watering, herding, grazing, castrating, tagging, weighing, catching, and loading animals. Maintain a BCS of 5 or better on 75% of unit sheep with minimal BCS 3. Track gains on Breeding stock, feeders, and replacement ewes during all development phases. Accomplish the activities listed on the Sheep Calendar of Events within the specified times. May assist with maintaining records on animals; examine animals to detect diseases and injuries; assist in birth deliveries; and administer medications, vaccinations, or insecticides as appropriate. Ability to drive the tractor and maintain pastures in between grazings. May assist veterinarian or other professionals in order to care for animals. May clean and maintain animal housing areas. Ability to throw and stack hay. Ability to work overnight during lambing season, if needed. The ability to develop knowledge of, respect for, and skills to engage with those of other cultures or backgrounds is required. Keep all unit fences, ewe pens, facilities, and equipment neat, clean, and in good repair. Keep the farm neat and tidy and ready for any state, vendor, or customer inspection at all times.


  • 6 months experience working on a sheep ranch and operating large farm equipment is required.
  • Driver requirements: Maintain an active, unrestricted NYS Driver's License.
  • Must be able to lift a minimum of 45 pounds
  • Employer will provide training - 2 months
  • Drug testing post hire at employer's expense, within 2 hrs of accidents with farm equipment/vehicles.
  • Exposure to extreme temperatures
  • Extensive pushing/pulling/sitting/walking, frequent stooping, and repetitive movements.

The full terms and conditions of the job (form ETA790a) should be reviewed and provided to qualified applicants from this website: For qualified applicants requiring a Spanish translation of this job order, please email or call 1-877-466-9757. Please include the applicant name and job order number in your request.