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Brilla Public Charter Schools Middle School Assistant Principal in Bronx, New York

Brilla Public Charter Schools

Middle School Assistant Principal

About the Brilla Schools Network

Brilla Public Charter Schools is a network of K-8th grade schools that currently serves nearly 1,600 students from Mott Haven, University Heights and other neighborhoods in the Bronx. The network plans to grow from a current four elementary and one middle school to five elementary and five middle schools educating some 4,000 students in the Bronx and Paterson, NJ. Core to our mission is that our students become young men and women of good character and spirit and be prepared for excellence in high school, college, and beyond. Brilla combines a classical approach to education -- an emphasis on virtue formation, Truth, Beauty, and Goodness, and direct instruction of a content-rich curriculum that has stood the test of time -- with co-teaching practices and individualized online learning. We approach the formation of our students holistically and also set high academic expectations. Ours is a joyful community that honors the dignity of each student, family member and staff.

Position Overview

The primary responsibility of the Assistant Principal (AP) is to facilitate excellence in alignment and execution of the Brilla mission and Strategic Priorities set forth by the Principal and network leaders. Supervised directly by the Principal, the AP is charged with executing the Culture Initiatives or Data and Assessment Initiatives for the entire school. As two critical pillars of the Brilla organization, these fundamental practices of the model require stoic leadership and deep institutional knowledge. In addition to managing one of the model cornerstones, the AP supervises the school-wide approach to Tier 2 and Tier 3 behaviors in collaboration with the other AP, the Student Services Coordinator, and other personnel ensuring that systems and procedures are being followed to best meet the needs of all students. Assistant Principals regularly create and facilitate professional learning opportunities for a variety of stakeholders.

Additionally, the AP directly supervises one Grade & Content Lead (GCL) for exposure to junior leadership management. This authentic supervisory experience prepares Assistant Principals for possible principalship in the future. Further, the AP supervises a Team Lead and provides instructional coaching for the grade-level of the Team Lead - both developing the Team Lead to grow to a GCL and ensuring the instructional quality of the entire grade is high impact. APs are highly motivated collaborators who go above and beyond for their teachers and their students, while also taking the initiative to solve problems and address challenges head-on and independently. They are consistently effective GCLs with many demonstrated strengths according to the evaluation framework . They are positive, grounded in virtue, calm in the midst of adversity, model growth mindsets for adults and students, and deeply believe in the Brilla mission. Assistant Principals do not back down from professional and personal challenges - going above and beyond to ensure that all aspects of the Brilla model are implemented with fidelity, excellence, and joy. APs actively seek feedback, solicit input, and engage in courageous conversations in order to better themselves and others.

Core Competencies & Responsibilities

Brilla Assistant Principals Set the Standard.

  • Facilitate, establish, and hold others accountable for a vision of the content/grade level alongside their direct reports

  • Plan and execute the robust systems and procedures necessary for high quality implementation of Culture Initiatives or Data and Assessment Initiatives

  • Supervise and evaluate grade-level teachers, one Team Lead, and one GCL - ensuring deadlines, surveys, data and assessment and other professional responsibilities are met and completed with quality and fidelity

  • Cultivate teachers’ and junior leaders’ abilities to analyze, create, synthesize, and evaluate plans and high quality instruction for constant improvement

  • Assess the quality and impact of different development structures - modeling best practices and providing actionable feedback that can be implemented to increase student and teacher outcomes

  • Facilitate, design, model, and hold others accountable to the Tier 2 and Tier 3 behavioral and academic processes and systems established - guaranteeing a school culture that meets the needs of all students while supporting staff morale

  • Visibly live and hold others accountable to the Brilla Mission through consistent professional dress, modeling of core virtues, execution of professional norms, and enthusiastic, regular engagement in ongoing professional development and community-building

    Brilla Assistant Principals Honor the Team.

  • Foster, maintain, and hold others accountable to productive, collaborative, and collegial working relationships with leaders, team members, staff members, parents, and community members

  • Contribute to a positive school culture through consistent implementation of behavior management strategies, attendance at Brilla-sponsored Culture Events, and regular, professional communication

  • Model and hold others accountable to consistent school-wide approaches to student and teacher routines throughout the school day and school year with fidelity and positivity

  • Plan, facilitate, and attend regular, mission-critical programming including weekly network leadership meetings, school leadership meetings, SSO meetings, IEP meetings, summer development sessions, data days, parent workshops, family conferences, and other opportunities

  • Commit to be available by phone after school hours until 7:00pm each workday to address any student or family questions or concerns (cell phone provided by school)

  • Perform other duties as assigned including but not limited to attending regular network/school walkthroughs, test preparation small group instruction, model teaching, reviewing report cards and comments, reviewing and finalizing incident reports, mediating parent concerns, Parent University facilitation, ordering supplies, maintaining communication logs, ensuring accurate attendance, and registering direct reports for external trainings

    Brilla Assistant Principals Make it Count.

  • Design, schedule, and facilitate purposeful meetings including behavioral interventions, coaching debriefs, data protocols, culture event planning

  • Intelligently delegate tasks to direct reports that leverage skills and latent capacities while still serving to develop their potential

  • Model, seek, and schedule regular collaboration and correspondence with APs across campuses - embodying the “One School” mentality

  • Assist in the creation of school and grade-level schedules, special schedules, and test prep schedules with Principal including teacher and staff deadlines

  • Develop and maintain monthly accurate and complete school-level data dashboards

  • Lead and ensure that students maintain aggressive growth rates through the consistent use and modeling of data

  • Demonstrate preparation and skill in working with and leading students & colleagues from diverse cultural, economic and ability backgrounds

  • Organize and manage time and commitments efficiently to maximize productivity and intentionality throughout the school day and school year

    Brilla Assistant Principals know It Starts with Them.

  • Demonstrate an entrepreneurial mindset and is proactive in collaborating with colleagues and leadership to build on the excellence of the model/position

  • Embody courage, justice, wisdom, and self-control, while championing a positive, flexible attitude and solution-based approach to challenges

  • Actively solicit feedback from colleagues and leaders across campuses and the organization in order to strengthen competencies and capacities - being willing to be held accountable for successes and failures

  • Reflect and seek to understand both individual strengths and areas for growth, committing to continuous personal growth and professional development as an individual, teacher, mentor, and leader

  • Challenge assumptions and beliefs about teaching and learning in order to best meet the needs of students and the mission of the organization

  • Seek to grow both professionally and personally as a classical educator by deepening literary and humanities content mastery, reading literary classics, and improving in understanding of classical form and pedagogy


  • Master’s Degree or higher from an accredited institution

  • Possession of current teaching certification as an elementary/middle school school teacher

  • If internal applicant: Experience as a Brilla Charter Schools CL with demonstrated student achievement and family engagement results

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