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Abbott House Middle School Education Specialist in Bronx, New York

Job DescriptionThe Middle School Education Specialist works with up to 50 students at a time (including elementary students, if there are less than 50 middle school students at any given agency). The Specialist provides educational advocacy, conducts academic performance monitoring, and makes referrals to quality tutoring and extracurricular activities. The Middle School Education Specialist also provides individualized assistance with the high school selection processes to all 8th grade students and their families (and to all 5th grade students with the middle school process, when possible). The Specialist will ensure that the list of high schools the student is submitting are quality, best-fit schools.To be qualified for the MIDDLE SCHOOL EDUCATION SPECIALIST, you must be able to perform the essential job functions described below without reasonable accommodation. A reasonable accommodation is any change in the work environment or in the way things are usually done that results in equal employment opportunity for an individual with a disability and does not create an undue hardship for the agency.About Abbott HouseAbbott House is an innovative community-based organization that helps children, families, adults and people with intellectual and developmental disabilities with complex needs build lasting foundations for a promising future. We operate programs in the New York Metropolitan area and Hudson Valley.Key ResponsibilitiesWORK WITH UP TO 50 MIDDLE SCHOOL STUDENTS AND THEIR FAMILIES, PROVIDING EDUCATIONAL ADVOCACY AND ENSURING STUDENTS ARE RECEIVING THE SUPPORTS/SERVICES THEY NEED TO SUCCEED.Build and maintain collaborative relationships with schools; provide advocacy on behalf of students.Work with Case Planner, foster parent, birth parent/caregiver and tutor to address educational concerns.Request that the school make referrals for IEP evaluations and behavioral/academic supports within the school.Negotiate with DOE staff to ensure the implementation of recommended and appropriate educational services.Negotiate with ACCESS VR counselors for appropriate services.Ensure school stability if a student is relocating homes, in consultation with the Case Planner and parent.MONITOR THE ACADEMIC PERFORMANCE OF ALL STUDENTS IN MIDDLE SCHOOL.The Specialist will be able use the Online Platform to record progress and create automated reports.Collect, review, and track NYC DOE monthly data on attendance, grades, promotion status, school enrollment, tutoring history, transcripts, etc.Use data to identify struggling students;Work with Case Planners and parents to ensure improved attendance, and/or provide additional academic supports.PROVIDE INDIVIDUALIZED ASSISTANCE WITH THE HIGH SCHOOL SELECTION PROCESS TO 8TH GRADE STUDENTS AND THEIR FAMILIES.The Specialist will ensure that the list of schools the student is submitting are quality, best-fit schools, and will record this list of schools (it will eventually be tracked in the Online Platform).It is the responsibility of the Specialist to try to guide the process as much as possible. This includes establishing trust, explaining why the process is so important, and providing information/guidance when a selection may not be appropriate.When possible, the Specialist should provide individualized assistance to all 5th grade students with the middle school selection process as well.REFER ALL STUDENTS TO IN-HOME, QUALITY TUTORING.Follow up regularly with Tutor Coaches regarding the students' performance, needs, and any concerns.CONNECT STUDENTS TO AFTERSCHOOL AND SUMMER EXTRACURRICULAR ACTIVITIES.SOME ADDITIONAL DETAILS INCLUDE:COORDINATING WITH OTHER STAKEHOLDERS:Parents: It is the responsibility of the Specialist to outreach to parents for discussion about issues such as special education services, attendance concerns, behavioral issues in school, and school transfers.Foster Parents: It is important for the Specialist to include foster parents in educational planning because they will often interact with school staff on a regular basis.Case Planners: The Specialist should coordinate with Case Planners on the student's academic progress and follow up on any needs/concerns. The Specialist should provide a monthly report to the students' Case Planners that includes progress notes and key academic data. Case Planners should also be consulted about school transfers and any other significant educational advocacy activity.The School:The Specialist will collaborate with the school to explore options for students to improve and benefit from services offered such as after-school tutoring, special education services, and other supports. The Specialist should also schedule school visits for students in order to meet with the student and counselor together.External Providers: The Specialist will work with community resources including tutoring programs, mental health services, and afterschool programs. Collaborating with these stakeholders allows for students to receive assistance and services on a broad spectrum that can foster continued success educationally as well as emotionally.SHORT-TERM AND LONGER-TERM ADVOCACY:The Specialist offers both long-term individualized interventions for students with complex or ongoing educational needs and targeted short-term supports to ensure that every student has access to a particular service or opportunity.SUSPENSION ADVOCACY: The Specialist should secure representation for the student who is receiving the suspension.ADVOCACY FOR SPECIAL EDUCATION AND STUDENTS WITH DISABILITIES:Response to Intervention:The Specialist advocates for students to receive the most appropriate services available.Individual Education Program (IEP) Referral Process:The Specialist request a referral from the school for students to receive a special education evaluation if it is believed that the student may benefit from additional services in school.Effective Advocacy for IEP Meetings:Specialists assist in developing an IEP that focuses on the best interest of the student as well as ensure that students are receiving the services they need to be successful.About YouYou are the ideal candidate if you are enjoy working in the social services field while empowering underserved communities. Being compassionate, reliable, self-motivated, and a team player are critical attributes to be successful in this role.You have at least a bachelor's degree and at least two years of education-related experience in an instructional, administrative, or advocacy-related position.You have experience working with students and families in foster care is strongly preferred.You have the ability to navigate complex educational issues, be resourceful, and work independently;You have the ability to organize time and prioritize responsibilities in order to plan and carry out all duties;You have the ability to effectively collaborate in team settings and build relationships with external partners.You are tenacious, independent, and resourceful.You are proactive.You can follow detailed procedures.You can engaging, strength-based, and collaborative.You have a love for working with children, youth, and families.You are excellent interpersonal skills and easily build relationships with children, families, and school partners.You value and promote diversity.You are able to remain calm during moments of tension and stress.

Minimum Salary: 55,000 Maximum Salary: 60,000 Salary Unit: Yearly