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RiseBoro Site Monitor in Brooklyn, New York

Completing a pre monitoring report for each worksite prior to the start of the program, deeming it acceptable to have participants placed there throughout the summer.
Assisting staff during participant orientation and registration.
Consistently and closely monitoring all designated worksites.
Observing all designated worksites on a weekly basis for the duration of the Summer Youth Program ensuring that each worksite is following DYCD policies.
Reviewing site assessment rosters for each worksite assigned to them on a daily basis.
Reviewing participant time sheets for accuracy and accountability.
Reviewing and ensuring that each worksite has the following documents for each enrolled participant at their site: Participant Worksite Referral, Monitoring Log, Worksite Participant Assignments Roster, Evaluations (these are due on the 3rd & 6th week of the program.), Weekly timesheets
Making certain that worksite supervisors have copies of all documents listed above.
Supporting the worksite supervisor in ensuring smooth program functioning throughout the summer.
Collecting and submitting the Participant Survey attendance sheets the Senior Monitor for all sites.
Reporting or referring all problems and violations to supervisors and conduct follow up as needed.
Maintaining participant timesheets and attendance in accordance with DYCD policy and procedures.
Picking up weekly timesheets from assigned worksites on designated dates and times set by the worksite.
Completing monitoring reports on a daily basis before 5:00 PM and submit to the Senior Monitor.
Towards the end of the program, monitoring will be responsible for the following:
Completion of Worksite Evaluations
Making sure participant evaluations are completed for all participants, including participants who leave the program early as well as any youth who have been terminated.
Assisting with any program activity deemed necessary by Program Director.

To Apply: Pease attend:
Brooklyn Job Fair
Department of Labor
250 Schermerhorn Street
Brooklyn, NY 11201
Wednesday, June 19, 2019
10:00 a.m.-1:00 p.m. (Bring I.D. & 15 copies of your resume and please try to arrive by 9:30am to avoid a long line.)