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Meadowood Farms of Cazenovia, LLC Farm Maintenance Laborer in Cazenovia, New York

Meadowood Farms of Cazenovia, LLC (Cazenovia, NY) seeks Farm Maintenance Laborer to manage and maintain pasture and hay fields using tractor and equipment operation including clipping, manure spreading, loading bales on to/off of wagons. Manage bimonthly removal of manure pack from livestock housing; twice-daily turning of composting manure; field spreading of composed manure. Install portable electric fence for intensive rotational grazing; maintain, install, repair 3 miles of high-tensile electric fencing; clear fence lines with the use of chainsaws. Perform snow removal/winter maintenance using skid steer and tractor-mounted snow blower to clear and maintain safe daily access to barns and outbuildings, including access and turn-arounds for milk truck; feed delivery trucks; parking areas, and access to stored winter forage. Install winter windows in primary livestock barn, install exterior snow walls on secondary livestock shed. Drain water from pasture water systems, water wagons, water storage tanks, and pumps and cistern intake hoses. Install winter lights for out-of-season breeding. Maintain barns and outbuildings by painting, concrete work, and basic constructions and/or repair. Manage summer animal husbandry for new livestock markets including neat lambs, ewes, and beef cattle. Perform milking duties for sheep flock twice daily, including cleaning of milking systems. Daily feeding and husbandry of sheep. Req: 3 months exp. as Farm Maintenance Laborer. Experience to include farm equipment operation, including tractors, skid steers, and PTO-powered implements, as well as experience in the use of basic carpentry tools. Ability to work in extreme conditions temperatures. Ability to lift and carry a minimum of 60 lbs. (ice melt, rock, salt, etc.) Wage: $37,190.00/yr. ($17.88/hr.) Email resumes to

Minimum Salary: 37190 Maximum Salary: 37190 Salary Unit: Yearly