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Empire Merchants North, LLC Sales Representative - Dist of Wine & Spirits / Chemung, Ontario, Schuyler, Seneca, Steuben, Tompkins, and Yates Counties in Central NY Finger Lakes Region, New York

We are seeking a high energy, motivated Sales Representative - Distributor of Wine & Spirits / Chemung, Ontario, Schuyler, Seneca, Steuben, Tompkins, and Yates Counties JOB DESCRIPTION - SALES REPRESENTATIVEOur Sales Representatives maximize the sales of supplier brands to the trade and consumer through effective territory planning, selling, merchandising, and communication that permits achievement of company and supplier objectives.RESPONSIBILITIESPLANNING AND PREPARATIONA Sales Representative is required to plan times and activities to ensure achievement of company and supplier, volume, distribution, and merchandising objectives within the assigned territory by:I. Calling on accounts daily, by following an established and efficient route which ensures assigned accounts are visited and serviced in compliance with company frequency standards; keeping route sheets up to date; and developing positive customer relations with owners, managers, and all other account employees.2. Analyzing the total territory and each account to determine the priority selling and merchandising opportunities.3. Preparing and presenting professional sales presentations to the retailers that are tailored to current supplier programs and the needs of the customer.4. Interact with ADS’, Supplier Representatives, and Promotional Agency Representatives to achieve said objectives.5. Preplans are subject to change and review by management for coaching and counseling opportunities.SELLINGA Sales Representative is required to deliver effective sales presentations that achieve company and supplier objectives as a result of:1. Mandatory attendance at Company and/or Supplier sponsored training, i.e., training classes, wine education classes, etc.2. Keeping up to date on company and competitive brand pricing, and all other pertinent information which includes knowing the features and benefits of supplier products and programs compared to competition.3. Follow the principles of our Sales Skills and Fundamentals Training (Prepare, Present Effectively, and Activate your business).4. Presenting the portfolio and current programs you are responsible for in each account to increase salesperson's sales and generate maximum revenue and case volume.5. Maintain and effectively use the monthly pitch or program book, tasting notes, sell sheets, and information from suppliers either in print or electronically.6. Off Premise:• Obtaining the appropriate off-premise distribution of supplier brands, types, and sizes as directed by management, by communicating to all owners, managers, clerks, stock persons and anyone concerned with the sale of products. Obtain maximum sell-through by conducting staff trainings, achieving supplier shelf standards, adjacencies, facings, cold box presence, etc.• Gaining feature price, promotion, and display merchandising support from off-premise accounts by using sales trends, retailer inventory, and special activities (holidays, advertising, merchandising, displays, seasonal etc.).7. On Premise:• Obtaining the appropriate on-premise distribution of supplier brands, type and sizes as directed by management by communicating to all owners, managers, beverage managers, bartender(s), wait staff, key kitchen personnel and all concerned with the sale of products to maximize business.• Gaining wine list presence, internal servicing skills, execution of wines-by-the-glass and features, conducting wait-staff trainings, gaining back bar distribution, and proper merchandising of the back bar. Obtain distribution support from on-premise accounts by using sales trends, retailer inventory and special activities (holidays, advertising, merchandising, displays and seasonal activities, etc.).• Requesting permanent P.O.S. materials for accounts to ensure brand visibility and account dominance (e.g., bar rails, napkin holders, table tents).SUPPLIER/SUPERVISORY INTERACTIONA Sales Representative is required to be familiar with all suppliers and their brands to ensure positive consumer reaction by:1. Work with supplier representatives with 48-hour notice and/or company managers with 24 notice and booked during business days (Monday-Friday). These are supplier and/or supervisory accompanied workdays and are designed to train and teach the salesperson advanced selling skills and methods to assure their usage is being practiced and correctly presented.2. Knowing their account needs and opportunities for each supplier work-with.3. Represent our products, our company and our suppliers in a positive way while always maintaining a professional relationship with every supplier. This includes following up with accounts after a supplier work-with regarding any commitments made to those brands.4. Sales representatives have the discretion on a work with to ride in their own car or with someone else.MERCHANDISINGA Sales Representative is required to secure in all accounts, the effective presentation to the consumer, of all brands represented, in accordance with company and/or supplier merchandising standards by:I. Installing point-of-sale material within accounts. Coordinating with merchandisers to enhance our position on the floor, shelf, window, counter, and cold box.2. Suggesting shelf/cold box resets that achieve supplier and company standards3. Working towards ensuring proper rotation of our products in accordance with State and Federal law to sustain sales.4. Keeping accounts merchandised by organizing and voluntarily conducting in-store consumer wine and spirit tasting(s) on a rotating account basis.5. Keeping current on which items are in stock and which items are out of stock for brands in our inventory and notify/inform accounts accordingly.6. The sales representative will use any materials supplied by the Company and be responsible for said materials.RECORD KEEPING AND COMMUNICATIONA Sales Representative is required to maintain territory and account records in accordance with company policy and provide information and reports as directed, by:1. Being proficient in all electronic tools e.g., Diver and Liquid, with proper training.2. Having available a defined agenda for all supplier work-withs.3. Keeping management informed daily, on all aspects of their territory, which includes turning in accurate recaps in a timely manner.4. The company reserves the right to add and/or delete forms and/or reports at its discretion to meet business needs.5. Following standard company policies and procedures6. Submitting sales reports and performance goals to salesperson's manager as requested, i.e., POS, product, pre-sells, surveys, and performance results against goals, etc.7. Collection of wine lists, cocktail lists and cordial lists in all accounts requested by management.8. Maintaining adequate, well-organized inventories of P.O.S., sales tools, supplies and merchandising materials needed to support territory activities.9. Attend and actively participate in sales meetings as directed by management in accordance with Collective Bargaining Agreement.10. Maintaining professional relationship with all suppliers. Making proper use of supplier time during work-withs and reacting appropriately to all supplier work-withs.NEW ACCOUNTSA Sales Representative is required for all new accounts:I. To obtain and submit to the company's credit manager a signed and notarized credit application from the account at least 72 hours prior to submitting an opening order.2. Determine with Field Sales Manager the account classification3. Obtain levels of distribution for on and/or off premises account per division standards4. Obtain sales tax certificate.MISCELLANEOUSA Sales Representative acknowledges and/or is required that:I. All reports, and surveys submitted must be accurate. There shall be no falsification of any report or survey.2. To assure accuracy, understanding, delivery and receipt of all the Company's forms, including but not in limitation, review with commentaries, and field evaluations/work withs, are always to be dated and signed by the Company, and the Sales Representative will be entitled to add in writing their commentary with specificity if they disagree with any review or field evaluation at the time, they receive them.a. Sales Representative must know, understand, and adhere to all federal, state. local laws, rules, and regulations.3. The failure (i) to meet the requirements of the job description; or (ii) to sign the company's forms will result in progressive disciplinary action, up to and including dismissal.COMPENSATION & BENEFITS Empire Merchants North offers a competitive compensation package including:Commission-based / paid weekly. Eligible for sales incentives.Paid Holidays. Health and Welfare Plan (medical, dental, vision, disability coverage, life insurance via Union benefits), 401K plan, PTO, vacation accrual, Flexible Spending Account, industry certifications (WSET), and more.A clean, valid New York State Driver’s License is required.Ability to obtain and hold a valid NYS Solicitor’s PermitBachelor’s degree is preferredMinimum one (1) year of experience in the food/beverage industry is required; adult beverage experience preferredMaintains a safe and clean working environment by complying with procedures, rules and regulations.

Minimum Salary: 70000 Maximum Salary: 75000 Salary Unit: Other