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Ashton Place Dining Room Supervisor in Clifton Springs, New York

Job Description Overview: The purpose of this non-exempt job within the Food Service Department is to oversee that the dining room operations are being carried out in accordance with the Food Service Manager’s goals for the Department. The person in this role must ensure staffing levels are adequate, documentation is timely and complete, the dining environment is pleasant, and rendered services are delivered to residents and their guests in an orderly, clean, and professional manner.

Dining Room Supervisor Responsibilities:
1. Supervise all Wait Staff to ensure each of their responsibilities and individual duties are completed daily with the highest level of quality.
2. Mentor, coach, and assist with the training program for new employees and provide training for seasoned employees on a regular and consistent basis. Adjust training curriculums as operations evolve.
3. Ensure Wait Staff have been cross-trained in preparing and carrying out the duties associated with breakfast, lunch, and dinner.
4. Work with the Food Service Manager to hold all Wait Staff accountable and ensure they are abiding by Ashton Place policies and procedures and adhering to all Department of Health regulations.
5. Participate in the hiring, disciplining, and firing process of Wait Staff with the assistance of human resources. Document all verbal disciplinary discussions of Wait Staff and hostess.
6. Schedule Wait Staff by rotating per diem employees through the schedule in a fair manner. Prepare, type and post wait staff schedules one week prior to the day of work. The initial schedule posted as well as the final version of the schedule must be kept on file for one year for review by the Dept. of Health.
7. Consistently and effectively communicate pertinent operational and resident information with management and staff and ensure staff are provided a forum for input.
8. Work as the host during evening meal, collect and record guest and resident money, total cash and turnover cash to the accounting department.
9. Log attendance at the Thursday buffet and track menu offerings in relation to attendance to determine trends/patterns for the year. Converse with residents at meal time.
10. Answer the phone in the dining room or kitchen and address whatever meal/food concern the caller may have; example: guest reservation, room service, meal selection etc.
11. Provide necessary and reasonable support for the dining room, breakfast, and host staff and be a “floater” when needed during these shifts.
12. Function as the Chef as needed.
13. Assist with private dining room reservations, preparation, set up and cleaning.
14. Keep the dining room facilities neat, clean, and orderly and prepared for prospective residents to tour the facilities. Be prepared to engage with prospects and educate them on the inter-workings of the dining room.
15. Assist with special events and activities, set up, and scheduling extra staff required for the events and holidays.
16. Track the use of all dining room supplies with a running inventory report and make sure adequate product and supplies are ordered and in stock.
17. Ensure that temperatures are being recorded for the dining room refrigerator and that the food and drink items are being labeled, dated, and rotated appropriately.
18. Conduct audits to ensure Wait Staff are held accountable that all necessary clean charts are fully completed to standards after each shift
19. Communicate and assist food service vendors when they enter the dining room to make a delivery or to procure a product for return.
20. Attend and participate in all staff meetings and food service meetings. Keep notes on file.
21. Prepare Menu cards and dessert lists to be distributed nightly to residents and assist with the creation of menu calendars to be distributed to all residents on a monthly basis.
22. Keep all applicable dining room reports/logs and documentation current and in well-organized binders to be shown to Department of Health at the time of spontaneous surveys.
23. Update dining room reports with feedback from the Food Service Manager as the overall operations evolve.
24. Assist with all computer work for the kitchen and dining room, as well as, help in the creation, food options and documentation of the menu and recipes for the kitchen.
25. Inform proper managers of resident behavior patterns, trends, or concerns.
26. Derive and keep current a seating chart with seating times for the dinner service.
27. Deploy an efficient strategy to assign dinner table sections to Wait Staff.
28. Schedule evening meal times for new Ashton Place residents before they move in to Ashton.
29. Track and share positive and constructive feedback from residents and guests with applicable staff. Relay communication log at host stand to the Food Service Manager on a frequent and consistent basis.
30. Ensure the dining room operations are meeting the goals and performance indicators set forth by the Food Service Manager. Document measurable performance indicators.
31. Implement the use of regular audits to gauge quality performance indicators and share those audits as part of the Food Service Quality Assurance Program.
32. Assist in the formation of policies and procedures, or revisions thereof, as directed by the Food Service Manager.
33. Oversee the operations of the entire Food Service Department in the absence of the Food Service Manager and Sous Chef.
34. Maintain an updated seating chart including revising it promptly for any incoming residents.
35. Assist in menu planning.
36. Communicate scheduling with new employees.
37. Update employee training guides.
38. Other duties/responsibilities as assigned.