New York Seasonal Jobs

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Hamilton College Seasonal Application Readers in Clinton, New York

Hamilton College is seeking temporary Seasonal Application Readers for the 2022-2023 application review season. Seasonal readers will be trained to assist the full-time admission team with the evaluation of first-year applications, including academic credentials, standardized testing, personal essays, recommendation letters, and extracurricular credentials, and other supplemental materials.

Seasonal Application Readers will have a key role in Hamilton’s selection process, and will provide the assistance needed to ensure applications review can be completed thoughtfully and thoroughly, but also efficiently. Readers must be able to grasp material quickly, read carefully, and consider applications thoughtfully and objectively, while providing thorough summaries. They will be assigned to a “partner review” team or be enlisted to assist with other admission activities (interviewing, processing materials, etc.) depending on experience.

Seasonal readers should expect to work 12-15 hours per week in November and December, and 20-25 hours per week in January and February. Some readers may have the option to continue working in March upon request. Mandatory training is scheduled for October 27-November 1. Most reading occurs during regular business hours Monday to Friday, and occasional Saturday and evening work may be necessary. Training and work will be primarily conducted via Zoom. Compensation is $25/hour.

All applications are reviewed online and successful candidates will work off-site (though there may be an opportunity for local readers to join us in our Clinton, NY office if preferred). Candidates must have a recent computer (preferably fewer than 5 years old) with a reliable, high-speed internet connection, and must have access to a private, secure location in which to work.

To avoid even the appearance of a conflict of interest, we will not consider candidates for whom any of the following apply:

  • Parents/guardians of a high school junior or senior

  • Athletic coaches who work with or recruit high school athletes

  • Others who currently work with high school students, to include high school staff and faculty, independent consultants, staff at Community Based Organizations, or individuals who work at standardized testing or test prep organizations.

  • Employees with related job responsibilities at another secondary school or undergraduate institution.