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Hermann J. Wiemer Vineyard Nursery Worker, Team Driver in Dundee, New York

1 Fulltime Seasonal H-2A Seasonal Jobs available 11/01/2023 - 06/28/2024.

Crops/Commodities - Grapevines. Drive H2A work team (4 workers) to and from work each work day. Drive H2A work team (4 workers) to grocery store once a week. Perform manual tasks associated with the production of grapevines. Load/unload trucks and product from conveyor belt. Install/remove plastic coverings. Clean/maintain work area.

Field planting of vines. Prune, trim, and perform other general plant maintenance. Water or irrigate plants, and apply fertilizer or other chemicals. Maintain irrigation systems. Tie/position plants by tying or wrapping as necessary. Wrap plants with burlap and other coverings as necessary. Count, inventory, and grade plants. Pack, label, tag, pull, sort, and store plants by variety. Prepare grapevines for shipment.

Install/maintain irrigation systems and water lines. Move and install irrigation pipes and equipment.

Workers must operate all equipment properly and in a manner that protects operator, others, the employers products and property. Failure to comply with safety requirements and operating instructions may result in disciplinary action up to and including immediate termination.

Mow, cut, and weed fields. Perform ditching, shoveling, hoeing, hauling, ground preparation, and other manual tasks. Bending, stooping and kneeling required. Use hand tools including but not limited to hoes, shovels, shears, clippers, loppers, and saws. Lift, carry, and load/unload products or supplies. Assist with field maintenance.

Requirements: * Three months of verifiable agricultural field work experience handling manual tasks. * Must be able to lift/carry a minimum of 60 pounds * Exposure to extreme temperatures * Extensive pushing/pulling/sitting/walking, frequent stooping, and repetitive movements

The full terms and conditions of the job (form ETA790a) should be reviewed and provided to qualified applicants from this website - For qualified applicants requiring a Spanish translation of this job order, please email or call 1-877-466-9757. Please include the applicant name and job order number in your request.