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Job Information

Arnot Health Senior Certified Maintenance Mechanic- Facilities Project Team in Elmira, New York

Job Description


The following description covers the most significant duties performed, but does not exclude occasional work assignments not mentioned. Under the direct supervision of the Director of Facility Engineering or designee. The Senior Certified Maintenance Mechanic performs maintenance tasks relevant to the required journeymen level experience for the position. This includes, but is not limited to electrical, plumbing, HVAC, carpenter, sheet metal/welder. Entry into this position requires completion of Mechanic Education and Certification for Healthcare (MECH) at the “Senior Certified Level” or within one year as a condition of employment.


  1. Works across trades as required to complete assigned task, and to meet Arnot Health and departmental goals. Performs at highest level attainable according to training and experience in the primary trade and other trades as assigned.**

  2. Performs day to day routine repair on all Arnot Health equipment including, but not limited to, bed, laundry equipment, furniture, carts, chairs, air handlers, fans, pumps, lights, walls, ceilings, sinks, urinals, toilets, etc.**

  3. Where work has been requested by an area manager, department head, etc., is responsible for advising that person of the status of the job if work becomes interrupted, delayed, or otherwise problematic, and to inform the manager when the work is completed.**

  4. Must be capable of soldering, brazing, or welding and use of all tools necessary of performance of job.**

  5. Assists with the design and construction of projects as identified by the Director or designee to meet the needs of patients, visitors, or employees. Works from drawings, sketches, schematics and/or verbal instructions to install, replace, or repair equipment. Identifies, orders, and inventories material as necessary to complete each project.**

  6. Installs and repairs Arnot Health facility systems as necessary such as: electrical, mechanical, HVAC, and general structure components, e.g. walls, roofs, ceilings, floor. **

  7. May be required to instruct or guide other classifications of employees assigned to assist in performance of job.**

  8. Performs preventative maintenance.**

  9. Is responsible for maintaining equipment in good condition-uses all hand tools and some power tools, ladders, instrumentation, and scaffolds.**

  10. Work areas are to be left in a clean and safe condition. Tools and equipment must be secured in the proper area (Maintenance Shop) at the end of each work shift.**

  11. Operates, adjusts, repairs and records, as necessary, the performance and operation of all machinery and auxiliary equipment in the power plant and mechanical equipment rooms throughout the Arnot Health.**

  12. Demonstrates sufficient expertise to be responsible to evaluate all conditions in the event of an emergency nature and calls supervisor when necessary.**

  13. Prepares areas and applies painting, vinyl wall coverings, and other wall coverings as necessary. Repairs floors, drop ceilings, windows, and doors as required.**

  14. Performs all necessary facility grounds functions, including snow removal as required by the departmental director or designee.**

  15. Maintains high standards of appearance; keeps neat and clean; adheres to uniform policy or dress codes established by the Arnot Health or department. Manages personal habits.

  16. Adheres to all policies and procedures relevant to the job, the department, and external regulating bodies, or obtain approval for exception.

  17. Pro-actively identifies and strives to correct problems and improve the infrastructure that keeps the facility functional.

  18. Create a complete skills and training tool/competencies for less experienced staff as assigned.

  19. Layout planning and completion of work to be done in an efficient fashion.

  20. Identify appropriate maintenance and supplies needed to complete work requests to place and track orders in a timely fashion.

  21. Is responsible for attending all annual mandatory educational programs as required by position.**

  22. Employee understands and demonstrates the importance of satisfying the needs of the customer/patient by interacting with him/her in a friendly and caring way, being attentive to the customer’s needs, both psychologically and physically, and by taking the initiative to maintain communication with the customer in order to provide a secure and pleasant experience with the Arnot Health.

  23. It is understood that this job description lists typical duties for the classification and is not to be considered inclusive of all duties, which may be assigned.


High school graduate or equivalent. Completion of Mechanic Education and Certification for Healthcare (MECH) at the “Senior Certified Level” within one year of hire or date position was assumed. Knowledge and job competency must be updated through one of the following:

  • Journeyman card or,

  • Licensure in appropriate craft/trade or,

  • A.S. Degree in field of specialty or,

  • Successful completion of Arnot Health specialty exam (e.g. electrician, HVAC, plumber, machinist/welder or carpenter).


Minimum of five years previous maintenance experience required. Have cross trades capability with a working knowledge of electrical, plumbing, HVAC systems, and general maintenance. Have at least four years’ experience in the required specialty trade e.g. electrical, medical gas and plumbing, HVAC systems, carpentry, sheet metal/mechanical. Ability to read, understand, and update; blue prints, architectural, electrical, mechanical drawings, and factory specifications. Have the ability to operate the main plant equipment, e.g. boiler, feed-water pumps, chillers, cooling tower, etc. Understand and comprehend the codes and standards pertinent to their specific trade to maintain applicable code standards. Task qualified and competent for all items listed in job description.


No CPR required.


Must frequently lift up to 80 pounds. Must regularly move freely throughout the Arnot Health and other buildings. Vision correctable to 20/40 is necessary, including color and depth perception, reading, close-up work and a peripheral field of vision. Overall dexterity is necessary, including handling, grasping, feeling, stooping, bending, and climbing. Required to work inside and outside during all seasons and time periods as needed.


Category III. Tasks that involve no exposure to blood, body fluids, or tissues. And Category I tasks are not a condition of employment.

** A.D.A Essential Functions