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New Directions Youth & Family Services, Inc. Youth Worker in Falconer, New York

POSITION SUMMARY: The Youth Counselor position is responsible for sharing with other staff the responsibility for creating and
maintaining a therapeutic milieu. This is achieved in part by supervising youth 24 hours per day, assisting youth with daily living, providing individual and group counseling and support, and ensuring the safety and welfare of all youth in care at New Directions Youth & Family
Services, Inc.

1. Directly supervise youth in care and administer to the physical needs of youth in care daily.
2. Dispense prescribed medications to children under the supervision of the Nurse and keep an accurate record of dispensation.
Maintain Medication Administration Certification.
3. Provide therapeutic crisis intervention in the event of acute emotional and/or physical acting out.
4. Communicate observations and pertinent information to Social Workers, Youth Counselor Supervisor, and other members of the treatment team directly and through general and individual logs, relief notes, and telephone and visitation logs daily.
5. Document all incidents requiring intervention before the end of the work shift.
6. Participate in the formulation of treatment plans, the administration of discipline, and the provision of guidance and direction for the development of positive habits appropriate to society’s expectations and appropriate to the child’s age and state of development.
7. Provide for safe and healthy living conditions by assigning and supervising children’s daily household chores and requesting repairs
and maintenance to the physical plant as needed.
8. Inspect and tidy up living unit before leaving each day (i.e. shut off lights and faucets, check bathrooms, etc.)
9. Assist with life skills by ordering or shopping for supplies as needed, ensuring that clothes and linens are laundered daily and repaired when needed, and inventorying and replacing worn clothing at least seasonally.
10. If working overnights, perform security rounds using the Detex Clock. Perform and document bed checks nightly ensuring there is a youth in each bed at every bed check. Check for skin and/or breathing.
11. Report any disturbance or trespass occurring on the grounds to the security person and/or Sheriff’s Department. Maintain a continuous fire security watch in the living unit while on duty.
12. Supervise morning wake-up, escort residents to breakfast, and supervise preparation for school daily.
13. Remain awake and alert at all times to ensure proper supervision and control of children under care. Maintain an accurate head count of youth at all times.
14. Maintains Therapeutic Crisis Intervention and First Aid/CPR certification provided by the agency.
15. Attends all mandatory in-service training and regularly attends supervision meetings. Attends other training and in-services as
needed to maintain a level of expertise in the field.
16. Any additional duties assigned by immediate supervisor.

Minimum Education and/or Professional Qualifications/Skills
 Degree preferred.
 High school Diploma/GED
 Previous experience in child care preferred. Must be able to build appropriate, respectful relationships with youth, guide their development, manage unit/cottage effectively, participate in overall treatment plan, and be able to exercise common sense and professional judgment.

Special - Personal Skills, Qualities, Aptitudes and Physical Requirements
New Directions Youth & Family Services, Inc is an equal opportunity employer. Reasonable accommodations may be made to enable persons with disabilities to perform essential functions.
1. Ability to work effectively with youth, families, staff and community contacts from a variety of cultural and ethnic backgrounds.
2. Ability to deal effectively with hostile youth or families.
3. Ability to accept supervision and perform as part of a team.
4. Ability to be flexible and adapt to change.
5. Ability to interface with people (groups and individuals) and communicate within various mediums (logbooks, E-mail, telephone).
6. Must have a valid driver’s license, adequate auto insurance and meet the criteria for driving set forth in the New Directions Driver’s License policy and Auto Insurance policy. Exception: Youth Counselors who have been placed temporarily in a non-driving position.
7. Ability to pass annual physical for Category 3 job classification in accordance with New Directions Employee Health policy.
8. Must comply with Agency safety standards and be responsible for own actions and conduct concerning safety and healthy working conditions.