New York Seasonal Jobs

Job Information

Leverenz Farms, Inc. Farmworkers and Laborers in Hamlin, New York

6 Full-Time Seasonal H-2A Jobs Available 10/14/2019-12/6/2019.

Workers will be required to harvest and trim cabbage. Remove weeds by hand or the a hoe. Pick / select pumpkins based on the standard disclosed to the worker by the supervisor. Hand harvest spinach and broccoli. Operate trucks, tractors, forklift, tractor-drown machinery, and self-propelled machinery for land preparation, maintenance, and cultivation, including to plow, harrow and fertilize soil and plants, and to plant cultivate and spray.


* 3 months of verifiable experience hand harvesting perishable crop
* Driver requirements
* Exposure to extreme temperatures
* Lifting requirement of 75 lbs.
* Repetitive movements, extensive pushing and pulling, extensive walking, and frequent stooping.
* Drug screen

Entire job duty description (ETA 790 and Spanish translation) should be reviewed and provided to qualified applicants from