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Job Information

The Academy Charter School Music Teacher in Hempstead, New York

Position Overview

The Academy Charter School Music Teacher understands and promotes the school?s mission, vision, objectives, and policies both within and outside the immediate school community. The Music Teacher will demonstrate the qualities expected of all academy teachers in the areas of curriculum, instruction, assessment, classroom management, professional responsibilities, professional relationships, family involvement, and school community.

Responsibilities & Duties

Instructional Planning

  • Understand and implement general music theories and practices, including vocal and instrumental music, basic note reading, and basic composition

  • Possess ability to play the recorder and piano/keyboard

  • Understand processes and history of traditional instruments across a wide range of cultures

  • Develop cross-curricular units and intensives with teachers and integrate music into the general curriculum

  • Use technology and multimedia tools to enhance and enrich the curriculum

  • Communicate knowledge of music history (American, European, and non-Western)

Instructional Delivery

  • Emphasize a process-based approach to music instruction

  • Use technology tools for instruction, planning, and communication

  • Eagerly learn new uses and applications of technology tools

  • Establish, nurture and, manage student-directed classrooms in which students are working both independently and in groups, playing instruments, and using dance and movement to supplement and enhance the curriculum

  • Develop and use rubrics for instruction as well as assessment

  • Use consistent school-wide practices and a variety of individualized methods to engage students in the classroom

Student Assessment

  • Provide ongoing and timely feedback to students on their progress towards meeting expectations and achieving goals

  • Completes all reports in a timely manner

Learning Environment

  • Create, and manage a responsive learning environment that enables students to feel safe, to be creative, and to develop to their full potential

  • Establish, model, practice and reinforce age-appropriate rules and discipline using school approved procedures; create and consistently use individual behavioral management plans as needed

  • Ensure smooth operation of all classroom instructional functions without exception

Student and Extracurricular Activities

  • Plan and organize school and community music events, such as concerts

  • Create a sense of community and belonging for the students in their school

  • Establish connections and relationships among their students and the larger community that support the academic and social development of the student and contribute to achievement of overall school goals

Student Support & School Culture

  • Communicate effectively and maintain strong relationships with students, families, colleagues and administrators

  • Establish, involve, and assist students in the development, maintenance, and evaluation of portfolios

  • Develop and use rubrics for evaluating student products and performances

  • Oversee and assist with student arrival / dismissal

  • Work closely with all members of school community modeling citizenship, collaboration and support of one another

  • Other tasks as assigned by the Administration

Academic & certification qualifications

  • Bachelors Degree required, Masters Degree preferred

  • New York State Music Teacher Certification

Work experience & Skills

  • Minimum of 2 years of urban teaching experience required

  • Experience working with at-risk student population in some capacity preferred

  • Educational experience after college (fellowships, summer study, or graduate course work to pursue greater depth in a subject area, specific instructional methodology, curriculum development, special education, technology, etc.) preferred

  • Working knowledge and comfort level with instructional technology

  • Strong written, grammatical, presentation, and verbal communication skills