New York Seasonal Jobs

Job Information

The Academy Charter School Reading Teacher/Literacy Specialist (Title 1) in Hempstead, New York

Position Overview

The Academy Charter School Title I Teacher understands and promotes the school?s mission, vision, objectives, and policies both within and outside the immediate school community.

Responsibilities & Duties

Instructional Planning -

  • Evaluate the progress of all Title I students and design and prepare student progress reports.

  • Prescribe the lessons that the students will work on during Title I time.

  • Perform all student selection requirements including testing and making the final lists of students selected for Title I participation.

  • Communicate regularly with classroom teachers regarding classroom instruction and needs of Title I students and keep written documentation of this communication

  • Develop Title I lesson plans

Instructional Delivery

  • Hold caseload of all Title I students

  • Pull out or assist students in the classroom with supplementary instruction beyond the classroom instruction

  • Pre-teach or re-teach vocabulary words or math concepts to be covered

  • Document all lesson plans, assignments, rubrics and other instructional materials and methods

  • Use consistent school-wide practices and a variety of individualized methods to engage students

  • Use technology tools for instruction, planning, and communication and ensure student engagement

Student Assessment

  • Measure student achievement and progress towards learning objectives using the school?s formative and summative assessment tools

  • Evaluate academic achievement through detailed data analysis of student performance on a wide variety of metrics

  • Provide ongoing and timely feedback to students on their progress towards meeting expectations and achieving goals

  • Use student data to reflect on effectiveness of lessons and student achievement progress in order to improve instruction and personal practice

  • Schedule the parent meetings, write up the parent survey and find parent-training tools.

  • Schedule the annual review meeting, coordinates the meeting, and communicates with parents regarding its results

  • Completes all reports in a timely manner

Learning Environment

  • Create, and manage a responsive learning environment that enables students to feel safe, to be creative, and to develop to their full potential

  • Implement procedures, systems and routines that provide structure for students

  • Ensure smooth operation of all classroom instructional functions without exceptions

  • Student and Extracurricular Activities ?

  • Organize and supervise approved field trips

  • Provide opportunities and supervise activities in order for students to demonstrate individually and in ensembles or large groups the skills and talents developed

Student Support & School Culture

  • Communicate effectively and maintain strong relationships with students, families, colleagues and administrators

  • Establish, involve, and assist students in the development, maintenance and evaluation of portfolios

  • Develop and use rubrics for evaluating student products and performances

  • Observe and evaluate the performance of each student and use assessment methods to judge overall progress

Work Experience & Skills

  • Minimum of two (2) years of urban teaching experience required with a record of high student achievement

  • Experience working with at-risk student population in some capacity preferred

  • Educational experience after college (fellowships, summer study, or graduate course work to pursue greater depth in a subject area, specific instructional methodology, curriculum development, special education, technology, etc.) preferred

  • Working knowledge and comfort level with instructional technology

  • Strong written, grammatical, presentation, and verbal communication skills

  • Strong analytical and problem-solving skills required to develop rubrics, examine data and metrics that will enhance student knowledge and promote performance of superior work products

  • Proven ability to work collaboratively and flexibly with a diverse team of teachers and administrators

  • Knowledge of childhood development and demonstrated experience with executing planned lessons to meet the differential needs of each child

  • Bachelors Degree required, Masters Degree preferred

  • New York State Title I Teacher certification