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Huntington Coach Corporation DRIVER ASSISTANTS in Huntington Station, New York

DRIVER ASSISTANTS. We dont blame you. Many people who come to us have been misled by false promises and half-truths at other companies. If you are talking to another company, make sure their promises are in writing- ours are.

Pay Rates: Effective$15.75 Start 7/3/23$16.4512 Months $17.8730 Months $18.245 Years $18.6410 Years $18.8815 Years

Yearly raises usually take place in July.

Attendance Bonus: The Company pays a bonus for 100% attendance on a monthly basis. This bonus is $1.90 per AM/PM report. Therefore, for example, a 4 hour per day employees starting pay rate, with bonus, would be $16.70. Employees who complete each of 2 defined 5 month periods of the school year will also receive a monetary bonus and 2 paid personal days. Completion of the full school year with perfect attendance results in another monetary bonus, as well as one paid week vacation.

Guarantee of Hours Minimums are the same for bus or van. If employee works: 1 report (AM Only or PM Only) ----------- 2 Hours 2 reports (AM & PM) ------------------------ 4 Hours 3 reports (AM, PM & Mid or Late) -------- 5.5 Hours Stand Alone Charter trip (Sports, etc.) -- 3 Hours

-1- Sign in Sign Out Unlike many other companies, employees are paid from the time they sign in at the yard to the time they sign out at the yard. This includes vehicle inspection and travel time to and from run.

Paid Vacation (20 & 27.5 Hour Driver Assistants) Employees who, by July 3rd, have completed two (2) years of active employment with the company are entitled to one (1) week paid vacation over a school holiday week in the next school year.

Upon completion of: 5 years -2 weeks 20 years-3 weeks

Weekly Guarantee (3 & 2) As long as school is open for at least three (3) days during a given week, and you work the three (3) days, you will be paid for any days you are not required to work during the work week because of school closings.

Summer Work/Unemployment We have extensive summer work, which usually creates a year round job for all who want it. Unlike school districts, if we dont need all our employees to work in the summer, those that are not needed can apply for unemployment.

Life Insurance After six (6) months of active employment, the company provides an $9,000 life insurance policy with a double indemnity provision, at no cost to the eligible employee. -2-

Eye Care & Hearing Aids Upon completion of Six (6) months of active employment, 20 & 27.5 hour employees receive up to a maximum of $200 per year for eye exams and purchase of required corrective lenses and/or hearing aids.

40lK Plan The Company provides a 401K plan, contributing 50 cents for each one dollar of employee contribution, up to 7% of the employees annual earnings. Employees are 100% vested after three (3) years of employment. Certain eligibility requirements apply (must work at least one (1) year).

Health Benefits For 20 and 27.5 Hour Employees, upon completion of Twelve (12) Months of employment, employees who have averaged a minimum 30 hours become eligible for our health care plans. Employees share in the cost of coverage. Employees covered by another group health plan are not eligible for this health care benefit.

Sick Days Employees earn one hour of sick time for each 30 hours worked, and can take a maximum of 56 hours per year. Each year, employees who, by July 3rd, have completed one (1) year of active employment from their start date as a Classified Van or Bus driver, will receive two (2) days worth of that sick time for immediate use. If those two days are not used by the end of the school year, they are paid out. Remaining earned sick time is rolled into the following year, with a maximum of 56 useable hours each year.