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Abbott House Youth Development Navigator in Irvington, New York

Job Summary:The Youth Development Navigator will be focusing on increasing the amount of academic support, preparation for college, career, and independent adulthood Abbott House provides to approximately 26 youth (ages 14 to 20) who reside in our group homes and with foster families in Westchester County. Programming will include homework help, tutoring, test preparation (e.g., ACT/SAT, Regent's exam), literacy and STEM activities, college advising and tours, and/or other enrichment activities, so that participants improve their grades, graduate high school, and pursue secondary education or training. The project will take place throughout the year, both during after-school hours and during the summer.About Abbott House:Abbott House is an innovative community-based organization that helps children, families, adults and people with intellectual and developmental disabilities with complex needs build lasting foundations for a promising future. We operate programs in the New York Metropolitan area and Hudson Valley.Duties and Responsibilities:The Youth Development Navigator will be responsible for strategic planning for the program; manage field trip and guest speaker logistics; oversee program expenditures; and oversee evaluation methods and reporting for the program. The Youth Development Navigator will meet with each participant one-on-one on an ongoing basis. With awareness of each participant’s schedule, needs, interests, and strengths, the Youth Development Navigator will collaboratively develop an individual plan with each participant and continually monitor its implementation. It is intended that the person in this position will serve as a mentor and ally to participants, someone who is separate from the social workers and mental health professionals engaged in their care. This person will be flexible, meeting participants in the homes of their foster families, in their group homes, and at the Irvington campus of Abbott House.The Youth Development Navigator will also act as an intermediary and advocate for participants, travelling to their schools to meet with teachers and school administrators to gain an understanding of what participants need to succeed academically.The Youth Development Navigator will demonstrate success in program implementation, management, and evaluation. He or she will have expertise in operations as well as leadership in the community and the capacity to develop strong community relationships. A four-year post-secondary degree is required for this position but a Master’s degree is preferred.The Youth Development Navigator will oversee academic tutors and educational enrichment specialists (literacy, STEM, etc.), who will all have subject area expertise, a bachelor’s degree, and at least two years’ experience providing academic support to youth, preferably at-risk youth.Will also coordinate meetings with fair futures and ensure all necessary documentation and connections notes are completed.ACADEMIC JOB DUTIES:Re-engage disconnected youth and help them re-enroll in an academic setting;Assess the fit between the young person and their current academic setting and help them transfer into a better-fit high school or high school equivalency (HSE) program, if needed;Visit the young person’s school/program and build relationships with school staff, review transcripts and academic data, provide educational advocacy, and discuss progress towards graduation/HSE obtainment;Ensure young people are attending school and have the supports and resources they need to be successful, such as tutoring, individualized educational plans (IEPs), 504 Plans, or other special accommodations;Expose students to post-secondary pathways, such college and/or accredited vocational programs, starting in the9th grade (or as early as possible);Assist students with post-secondary planning, along with the guidance counselors and/or College Specialists andCareer Development Specialists;Connect the student to the College Specialist to apply to colleges, opportunity programs, and all forms of financial aid, funding, and scholarships;Provide college persistence coaching, including ensuring students are receiving all of the financial and academic supports they need to succeed each semester;Assist students with planning for apprenticeship and vocational education paths, as appropriate; Collaborate with all relevant partners, such as Case Planners, guidance counselors, Specialists, Tutors, teachers, family members, and caregivers.The primary focus of this program is providing supports for succeeding in and completing high school.The program will also prepare youth for the next chapter in their lives, whether that is seeking out and completing a post-secondary degree or entering the workforce. The program will be offered year-round; during the school year, activities will take place after school and on weekends. To keep every youth in foster care on the path to academic success, we will implement the following expanded activities during the school year:One-on-one homework help and subject area tutoring from Abbott House staff and/or enrichment specialists.Literacy enrichment (e.g., Book Club or Spoken Interludes, program where professional writers visit over six weeks to help participants write short stories, rap and poetry).STEM programming to stimulate an interest in high-paying science and technology jobs.Field trips (e.g., Science Museum in Queens, Teatown Lake Reservation, libraries).Educational games (e.g. Scrabble, chess).Regents exam prep.SAT/ACT test prep/admissions.College prep/admissions help - Assistance with college search and completing college applications and FAFSA forms, and college visits/tours.Get Ready for College workshop - This series will include sessions on date rape awareness, drinking, selecting classes, obtaining campus services, importance of joining activities, securing internships, how to access job opportunities while on campus, etc.During the summer, the program will provide work and volunteer opportunities for resume building, literacy enrichment (e.g., writing program), ACT/SAT test prep, and financial literacy/money management workshops.CAREER DEVELOPMENT DUTIES:The Youth Development will work closely with the Independent Living Coordinator to facilitate an intersection of academic and longer term career aspirations for the youth.About You:You are the ideal candidate if you are passionate about the social services field and empowering underserved communities. Being detail oriented, organized, driven, flexible and responsive are critical attributes to be successful in this role.You have a minimum of a Bachelor’s degree (Master's preferred)You have at least two years of experience working with at-risk or system-involved young people.Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:This Position requires:Strong foundation in academics and working in academic settingsStrong written and verbal communication skills;Strong time-management, organizational skills, and attention to detail;Ability to troubleshoot, advocate, and navigate obstaclesOpen to learning how to use and interpret data to inform decision-making;Ability to effectively collaborate in team settings and build relationships with external partners;Ability to use Motivational Interviewing techniques;Ability to use trauma-informed techniques;Experience working with vulnerable youth;Knowledgeable about youth resources and services;Ability to facilitate therapeutic peer groups.

Minimum Salary: 60000 Maximum Salary: 65000 Salary Unit: Yearly