New York Seasonal Jobs

Job Information

Kludt Brothers, Inc. Agriculture Equipement Operators in Kendall, New York

3 Fulltime H-2A Seasonal Jobs available 03/01/2024 - 11/22/2024.

Workers will perform any combination of the following manual and machine duties involved in planting, cultivating, and harvesting crops on diversified-crop farm, such as broccoli, cabbage, sweet corn, and squash. Will use power equipment including but not limited to: tractors, planters, mowers, plows, sprayers, cultivators, high lifts, fork, lifts, skid loaders. Will inspect equipment, structures, or materials to identify malfunctions and assist in preventative maintenance of farm equipment. Will manipulate controls to set, activate, and adjust mechanisms on machinery. Will attach farm implements such as plows, discs, sprayers, or harvesters to tractors using bolts and hand tools. Will operate towed machines to plant fertilize and spray crops. Will drive trucks to haul crops, supplies, tools, or farmworkers. Will walk beside or ride on planting machines while inserting plants in planter mechanisms at specified intervals.

Crop production will require 6-12 hour days. Work is performed in the field for long periods of time performing physical activities that require extensive use of arms and legs and moving the whole body, such as climbing, walking, bending repetitively, and lifting up to 60 lbs up to a height of 5 feet. Work required in fields when plants are wet with dew and rain, and will be required during light rain, snow, moderate winds, direct sun, high humidity and extreme temperatures. Temperatures in fields during working hours can range from 10 to over 100 degrees F. Workers will be required to work during occasional showers not severe enough to stop field operations. Workers should be able to do the work required with or without reasonable accommodations. Saturday work required.

Supervisor(s) will provide instructions and directions to workers. Workers must be able to comprehend and follow instructions and communicate effectively to supervisors. Unusual, complex or non-routine activities will be supervised. Workers are expected to perform basic duties in a timely and proficient manner without close supervision. Workers are expected to have proper hygiene and follow GAP requirements. Workers must obey all safety rules and basic instructions and be able to recognize, understand and comply with safety, pesticide warning/re-entry and other essential postings. Non-working minors may not be present, adjacent to worksites, or left in vehicles during the day. No visitors unauthorized by management may be present at worksites.


  • Workers referred against this order must have a minimum of three months verifiable experience in performing the tasks posted in this job order.
  • Exposure to extreme temperatures
  • Lifting requirement of 60 lbs.
  • Repetitive movements, extensive pushing/pulling, extensive walking and frequent stooping.

The full terms and conditions of the job (form ETA790a) should be reviewed and provided to qualified applicants from this website: For qualified applicants requiring a Spanish translation of this job order, please email or call 1-877-466-9757. Please include the applicant name and job order number in your request.