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Industrial Staffing Services Inc dba Equiliem Registered Nurse in Lansing, New York

Equiliem specializes in staffing clinical, non-clinical, and allied personnel. We excel in all levels, disciplines, and specialties within the healthcare spectrum. Our projects range from short to long term local and travel assignments. Equiliem has been recognized as a certified small business enterprise. In addition, we are proud that we have earned the prestigious Joint Commission accreditation for staffing firms and have been awarded Best in Staffing 5 years running by our employees and client partners.

Summary of need:
To provide nursing interventions and medication administration consistent with the established systematic problem-solving approach for the delivery of comprehensive nursing care, which are compliant with the regulatory standards in a juvenile correctional setting.

Job duties:
Job duties include, but may not be limited to: maintaining general medical inventory (including controlled substances); conducting medication administration; reviewing the overall health conditions of youth (i.e. preparing, reviewing and evaluating nursing intervention plans); ensuring that interventions are consistent with comprehensive treatment plans; participating in staff trainings; preparing required clinical and administrative reports; maintain infection control standards; and, serve as a member of the facility's medical treatment team. Additional duties to be discussed in detail during the interview.

-Delivers health care using applicable laws, policies, regulations, clinical standards and juvenile justice standards, under the direction of the Bureau of Health Services.
-Identifies health care delivery problems in collaboration with the facility Nurse Administrator, facility administration, and Bureau of Health Services.
-Conducts daily sick call at designated time per facility L.O.P., and follow up exams as clinically indicated.
-Conducts confidential post restraint exams and interviews within 1 hour of restraint in the clinic only.
-Responds to emergency situations within 3 minutes, and provides first aid as indicated.
-Complete referrals to MD, DDS, Mental Health, Optometry, or other services as indicated.
-Collect laboratory specimens as ordered.
-Communicate with Mid-Level provider, MD, peers, direct care staff, and administrators regarding resident health/clinic issues as they arise (activity restrictions, special dietary needs, epi-pen program, etc.).
-Complete and submit Statistics, Psychotropic medications, staff Hepatitis B, PPD, and Vaccine usage reports to Bureau of Health Services monthly.
-Assure that 1 st Aid kits and Spill kits are properly stocked, current, and in their correct location monthly.
-Check Emergency bag inventory, and assess proper functioning of equipment monthly.
-Perform AED checks and document monthly.
- Inventories, orders and maintains clinic supplies and equipment.
-Sign off MD/PA/NP orders and transcribe to Medication Administration Record as soon as possible after verifying allergies.
-Order medications from pharmacy, and track delivery of medications. Notify pharmacy if meds not delivered within 24 hours. Return unused meds to pharmacy for credit.
-Complete a weekly review of Medication Administration Record to assure that all meds are administered and initialed.
-Maintain stock of OTC meds needed to manage minor complaints, according to the standing orders.
-Medication administration including a thorough mouth check with a tongue blade and light, to assure compliance.
-Maintain working knowledge of prescribed medications, and their side effects.
-Maintain perpetual inventories, controlled substance, syringe, and sharps storage counts. Properly dispose of controlled substances per DOH regulations.

Psychotropic medication administration and monitoring:
-Observe for, inquire about, and document side effects daily on the OCFS #3141 form.
-Perform weekly vital signs and weights on youth taking Psychotropic meds.
-Obtain quarterly lab work, EKG, Orthostatic BP, and AIMS testing on youth.
-Coordinate obtaining and managing Psych med consents from Client.
-Assure youth obtains renewal of Psych med prescription every 30 days.

-Completes and evaluates "Admission Screening Interview form within 1 hour of Admission.
-Obtains medical history, height, weight, vital signs, audio and visual screening, TB skin test, and immunizations if needed, and any ordered lab work within 24 hours.
-Assures youth's understanding of health services offered, by obtaining youth's signature on "Access to Health Services form while obtaining medical history.
-Obtains previous medical records when received.
-Prepares medical records and supplies including medication, for trips and discharges.
-Updates receiving facility of youth's status if transfer meeting is not held.
-Completes an up to date Transfer/Discharge summary prior to youth's discharge/ transfer from the facility.

-Maintain documentation of care in the youth's health record and clinic log. Every clinical encounter is documented in the clinic log, and the youth's health record in the progress section according to HIPPA and OCFS guidelines.
-Communicates pertinent youth health related problems to co-workers via daily "medical communications log.
-Sign off MD/PA/NP orders, and accurately transcribe to Medication Administration Record as soon as possible.

-Schedules and supervises the Medical, Vision, and Dental clinics at the facility.
Schedules and coordinates off-grounds medical trips as indicated and ordered.
-Communicates pertinent health-related information to appropriate unit, recreation, education, and kitchen staff.
-Conducts at least one AED drill per year.
-Provides pertinent medical information, and offers input regarding treatment planning to members of various Support teams.
-Provides Tuberculosis testing, Hepatitis B vaccines, Influenza vaccines, and Significant Risk Exposure determinations for employees.
-Prepares and maintains staff records and clinic logs, according to HIPPA and OCFS guidelines, including monthly, quarterly, and annual TB, Hepatitis B, and seasonal Influenza vaccines given.

-Serves as primary resource for residents regarding health and wellness issues.
-Provides incidental teaching specific to resident concerns/physical findings.
-Conducts formalized group teaching as requested to residents/staff as planned with Mid-Level.
-Provides and reinforces necessary medical information to program staff to assure follow up care on the unit such as activity restrictions and special dietary needs.
-Responds in a supportive knowledgeable manner to staff concerns regarding resident medical issues, within the confines of HIPPA.
-Collaborates with facility teams to problem solve professionally regarding health concerns/medical issues.

-Order and maintain vaccine inventory utilizing the Vaccine for Children (VFC) program.
-Obtain immunization history from parents or past school placements if information is not available in the New York State Immunization Information System (NYSIIS).
-Appropriately administer vaccines according to Immunization schedules and vaccine guidelines, while keeping abreast of current vaccine information and trends.
-Record immunizations given in the NYSIIS system, and the youth's chart.
Check and record vaccine refrigerator and freezer temperatures daily.
-Create and maintain the monthly VFC usage report in the VFC system and submit to BHS monthly.

Models professional behavior in the work place:
-Maintains time and attendance in accordance with established guidelines.
-Demonstrates the ability to establish satisfactory working relationships with supervisors, peers, direct care staff and youth in placement.
-Maintains confidentiality and privacy in providing medical care to youth, and sharing medical information with appropriate parties.
-Demonstrates the ability to be flexible under extenuating circumstances.
-Models professional behavior by maintaining appropriate professional work attire.

Task Description
Primary tasks and standards are mandatory for all nurses.
Secondary tasks and standards are usually assigned to specific nurses within the equal delegation of work tasks or a specific task not expected of all nurses. If a secondary is assigned, circle the task as appropriate for the nurse's performance evaluation.

We are committed to providing equal employment opportunities to all employees and applicants without regard to race, religion, color sex, national origin, citizenship status, age, sexual orientation, gender identity, marital status, uniform service member status, genetic information, disability, or any other protected status, in accordance with all applicable federal, state, and local laws. This practice extends to all aspects of our employment practices, including but not limited to, recruiting, hiring, firing, promoting, transferring, compensation, benefits, training, leaves of absence, and other terms and conditions of employment.

Minimum Salary: 31200.00 Maximum Salary: 31200.00 Salary Unit: Yearly