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CourseHorse Account Sales Specialist (Remote) in New York, New York

Cover Letter Directions: Please write no more than 100 words on the following - What was the last interesting conversation you had and why was it interesting?

About Us:

We are a venture-backed company that was started to help people find and enroll in in-person classes, ranging from art and cooking classes to professional development like coding and marketing. In the summer of 2020, we began offering virtual team-building events like scavenger hunts and trivia nights as a way to help remote workers stay connected and engaged through turbulent times. Since then, we've grown quickly, delivering thousands of remote experiences to companies like Google, Peloton, McKinsey, Amazon, and many more of the Fortune 500. As the future workplace evolves, our mission is to make it easier for people to have meaningful connections even if they’re not sitting next to each other.

Role Description:

You’ll be the first impression for our new customers and the trusted contact for our existing clients. Your day will be scheduled around chatting with potential new clients to fulfill their event needs as well as reconnecting with existing clients to understand how their needs are evolving. You’ll need to document and communicate learnings with the team and help brainstorm ways to continue to add value to our clients and improve our sales process. It’s a fast paced job that requires empathy, attention to detail, and excellent communication skills.

You’re perfect for this role if…

  • You’re an excellent listener: You fully understand and empathize with a client’s needs and perspective before making recommendations. With this context you’re able to sense how people are feeling, ask good questions to validate your assumptions and quickly help people feel comfortable.

  • You’re an extremely reliable communicator: We can count on you to follow through with commitments to clients or the internal team. You over communicate important status updates and learnings because you know how important it is for the full team to be in sync.

  • You're goal oriented: You can spot a valuable opportunity a mile away and prioritize your time based on highest impact work.

  • You’re organized: Very little slips through the cracks with you in charge. You keep impeccable notes on your accounts and have perfected a time management workflow to optimize response times while getting through an everchanging, growing workload.

  • You’re determined: You get s**t done quickly and well. If a process or material doesn’t exist, you’re going to roll up your sleeves and make it happen. You’re more comfortable taking initiative than you are waiting for permission. When you hit an obstacle, you think of creative solutions to overcome it.

  • You’re curious & strategic: You love finding unique and valuable business and customer insights through your interactions with clients. You’re excited about sharing these patterns back with the product and leadership team.

  • BONUS You’ve experienced failure: You’ve lost key accounts. You’ve experienced clients hanging up on you or ignoring your emails. While a bummer, these moments have taught you ways to improve your approach and made you better at your craft.

    You’re perfect fit for this company if…

  • You value authenticity, autonomy, and are a good communicator

  • You take ownership versus wait for it to be given

  • You are adaptable and resist complacency

  • You’re energized by collaboration

  • You’re into psychology and how/why people behave the way they do


  • You’ll have the ownership and ability to make an impact

  • You’ll be working side-by-side with the leadership team

  • You’re opinion won’t just be valuable, it’ll be necessary to shape our product and service strategy.

  • 100% base health care coverage

  • Fully remote team

    Why you shouldn’t apply:

  • You’re looking to join a well-oiled sales machine with all of the processes and training built out.

  • You want to be mentored by other senior sales people.

  • You’re apprehensive about doing things outside your wheelhouse.

  • We’re small and don’t have extensive resources. If you get frustrated by resource constraints, this isn’t a good role for you.

  • Not every decision needs to be a collective one, but we see good work as a product of multiple perspectives. If your preference is to work and make decisions independently, this isn't the right team for you.

    Cover Letter Directions: Please write no more than 100 words on the following - What was the last interesting conversation you had and why was it interesting?

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