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Bank Street College of Education Advisor in the Learning and Engagement in Museums and Cultural Organizations (LEMCO) Program in New York, New York

Advisor in the Learning and Engagement in Museums and Cultural Organizations (LEMCO) Program Apply Now Graduate School of Education Start Date: Sep 12, 2022

Salary: Commensurate with experience

Advisor in the Learning and Engagement in Museums and Cultural Organizations (LEMCO) Program

Terms: Fall and Spring 2022-23

Learning and Engagement (LEMCO) Program

This new program launched in the fall of 2021. It combines best features from the longstanding Museum Education and Leadership in Museum Education Programs at Bank Street with new content. The format is now hybrid—online classes combined with occasional meetups in NYC and neighboring cities. Accepted students are often already working and can apply coursework to practical situations in organizations. The curriculum is designed to prepare students to work successfully in the cultural/non-profit sector emphasizing education work, inclusion/access and community engagement across the life span. Students represent different disciplines and interests: art, science, history, zoos, aquariums and gardens, as well as libraries, community centers and performing arts education work. The first year provides a solid background in education theory, human development, pedagogies, programming and collaboration. The second year focuses on education in the broader organizational context, including leadership, marketing/audience research, grant writing and organizational dynamics. This program culminates in a Master of Science in Education and requires 36 credits.

Advisor in the Leadership in Museum Education Program

The ideal person should be an experienced educator or consultant—ideally someone who is working in a senior position in art, science or natural history centers, historic sites, parks, zoos, libraries, cultural centers, and other non-profits with a public learning dimension. Advisers usually have depth in a particular content area, but are sensitive and responsive to other disciplines in which students might work and to developments generally in the field. Advising at Bank Street is less about coursework (since the curriculum is largely preset) and more about work-related coaching and feedback.

Conference group (see below) is about discussing problems and opportunities around practice with peers.

Program schedule:

The program meets between September and May each year, plus a brief summer session.

Advising takes place outside of coursework at times that are mutually convenient for the student(s) and the adviser.


  • Support six to eight students through individual and group (conference group) meetings on a regular basis each month.

  • Communicate with program director periodically re student updates

  • Reviews student reflections as they pertain to professional development

  • Visit students in person at worksites or online to observe and offer constructive feedback. If second year, assist each student in recommending mentoring situations outside their present work.

  • Though not required, advisers are encouraged to drop in on several online classes each semester and/or one of the in-person meet-ups over the year, to follow what the students are doing or experiencing as a group.


  • Master’s degree required

  • 8- 10 years’ experience in a leadership role within the public dimension of a cultural institution/non-profit organization with an emphasis on education/learning

  • Experience/awareness of a range of museum education practices and positions

  • Experience coaching preferred*

Compensation: $11013 per semester (based upon a cohort of 7 – 9 students)

*preference for a greater NYC area applicant; however, candidates along the Boston-Washington corridor and points in between will be considered.

Notice to Applicant: COVID-19 Vaccination Policy

We appreciate your interest in employment at Bank Street College of Education. We would like to note that the College has a mandatory COVID-19 vaccination policy, which requires all faculty and staff to be fully vaccinated and provide proof of vaccination.

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