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The New York Foundling Facilities Area Manager in New York, New York

  • Administration

  • AREAM05774


New York, NY, USA


The (AM) primary responsibility is to ensure that all real estate properties that make up our DD “Developmental Disabilities” Division are maintained. The (AM) is responsible in overseeing the upkeep of daily maintenance, equipment functionality, supplies and determining the scheduling of repairs and/or renovations on new/ongoing site projects. In conjunction, with overseeing the DD “Developmental Disabilities” properties, the (AM) will also be responsible in managing and overseeing The New York Foundling’s Commercial Properties.


  • The (AM) will be required to assist with incident reporting, the mechanical maintenance, and life safety protocols, in order to maintain a safe, pleasant, sanitary work environment for all who work/reside from our commercial properties and residential properties. The (AM) ensures we at all times remain compliant with all city, state, government regulatory agencies.

  • The (AM) will have the responsibility of resolving any summons, and/or violations received to the New York Foundling Hospital. The Area Manager (AM) will participate in our annual employee evaluation assessment.

  • The (AM) is responsible in coordinating 1:1 performance evaluations with each team member that falls under the maintenance team, enlisting feedback on performance as required from FHD and SAM.

  • The (AM) works cooperatively with the DD “Developmental Disabilities” Area Managers and Regional Managers to preserve, adhere to their approved OPEX Budget.

  • The (AM) is responsible for ensuring the overall functionality of every dwelling (Home, Apartment, Dorm Room and alike) that encompasses The New York Foundling Hospital, DD “Developmental Disabilities” divisional footprint. This responsibility is not limited in any way and includes the entire Structure, Grounds Landscape, Hardscape, Driveway, Parking, Mechanical (Boiler, Hot Water, Generator, Pump and Motor) any and all association to maintenance of dwelling or commercial property are included in this statement.

  • The (AM)will be the liaison to all trades, utilities, service providers, and when a dwelling is leased/rented the Landlord and or their assignee, to ensure the dwelling meets the standard of living defined by OPWDD/NYCRR.

Responsibilities Cont’d:

  • The (AM) will assist in the coordination and will serve as one of the liaisons between New York Foundling Hospital, The Developmental Disabilities Division, Area Manager, Utility providers, Fire Department, Building Department, State Health Department, OPWDD and others. The (AM) will remain knowledgeable of all codes, standards and practices generated by regulatory agencies having jurisdiction on dwelling especially OPWDD. Liaison responsibilities cont’d:

  • Should the dwelling require maintenance, part replacement or maintenance that exceeds the abilities of New York Foundling maintenance team and/or exceeds $1,500.00 value, the (AM)must contact the appropriate DD area manager responsible for dwelling to obtain approval to proceed with work. The (AM) must obtain approval in writing from DD. Moreover, before proceeding with work (repair/replacement) expense, must be approved by the Facilities Senior Manager or Facilities Director. All warranty, other relevant information supporting the expense will be forwarded to the Facilities Coordinator or the Facilities Administrator for pre/post activity or warranty reference.

  • The (AM) shall proactively inspect each dwelling without limits, he/she will be required to complete comprehensive inspections regularly, for each of the dwellings that make up the New York Foundling Hospital portfolio. During each inspection the (AM) will make certain the dwelling is mechanically, structurally sound that all assets, fixtures and mechanical equipment within the dwelling remain fully operational, maintain compliance with all regulatory agencies.

  • The (AM) will at the time of inspection document any all deficiencies, each deficiency will be recorded electronically, using New York Foundling Hospital approved work order program so that each deficiency has a unique individual record.

  • The (AM) will be required to oversee all repair, maintenance activity completed within these dwellings to ensure work is completed and meets or exceeds industry standards.

  • The (AM) will be required to coordinate the required maintenance for each property with the NYF/FC Facilities Coordinator and DD Area Manager. During those times when the maintenance/repair work required is more complex, the (AM) will be required to be present, to guide, assist and or provide tutelage to maintenance technician assigned to maintenance task.

  • The (AM) will be required to monitor the progress of each repair, to ensure a resolution is provided in a timely manner. The (AM) inspects, approves all repaired work completed in our dwellings to ensure work meets or exceeds industry standards.

  • The (AM) in conjunction with the (FHD) Facilities Help Desk are the first responders to all maintenance tasks. Individual will make every effort to facilitate repair or maintenance to avoid the hiring of outside services.

  • The (AM) will be responsible to coordinate, oversee, dwelling reoccurring services this includes but is not limited to Fire Life Safety, Fire Extinguisher, Gutter Leader, Chimney, Boiler, Hot Water, and the seasonal exchange of Window or thru Wall Air conditioner. All the above activity will be documented accordingly with the Facilities Help Desk, FA/FC.

  • All employees of the New York Foundling Hospital/ Facilities Department are deemed essential employees, this requires (AM) to be available to respond/report to any Dwelling or Commercial Facility during a reported outage. The (AM) will at all times coordinate his/her availability during non-business hours to their Supervisor.

  • The Facilities Manager, Senior Facilities Manager, and the Facilities Help Desk will have the responsibility to track and close any all building violations received.

Minimum Requirements:

Education: High School Diploma, certificate of accomplishment from IFMA, BOMA or equivalent trade school, and or license from an industry accredited agency. Must have a Valid NY State Driver’s License, remains insurable, not an assigned risk. Trade license preferred, not mandatory electrical, plumbing, structural, cooling and or refrigerant, FDNY


  • 7 to 10 years of facility management experience, managing buildings & grounds both residential and commercial properties. Proven ability to manage people, process and procedure across a wide geographic operating area, which is currently defined as the Tri State NY area. Must be able to read blue prints, floor plans MPEs

  • Experience must include proven ability to manage operational budget.

  • Experience in maintenance and management of high/Low pressure Boilers, circulator pumps, motors, high and low voltage systems. Must be familiar with various operating systems which include but are not limited to Work Orders, BMS Building Management, Space Management, Asset Management, Contract Management, Perpetual Inventory and employee truck stock.

  • Proven ability to Achieve and maintain operational excellence in each of our embedded properties, this includes but is not limited to Life Safety Equipment, Boilers, Hot Water Heaters, HVAC, RTU, Generators, Chillers, Cooling Towers and the seasonal maintenance of the grounds, providing a safe user friendly environment.

Posted: October 5, 2020