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Loeb.NYC Summer Internship Program in New York, New York

Michael Loeb (CEO, serial entrepreneur) and Rich Vogel (CFO, COO) offer a meaningful and career-enhancing paid summer internship at The program attracts ambitious college students curious about entrepreneurship.

The experience’s inspiring 10-week internship provides immersive training for undergraduate students passionate about innovation. This is a unique opportunity to make an impact working alongside CEOs of trailblazing early-stage startups.

The internship begins in early June at Michael Loeb's home in Southampton with a social and dynamic on-boarding program (if you’ve seen Billions on Showtime, it’s that Hamptons house). CEOs and founders of portfolio companies introduce their businesses and the robust projects they have prepared for interns. After meeting with the companies one-on-one, you are matched with a startup that aligns with your skills and interests.

Throughout the subsequent 10 weeks, your team will offer feedback and support by providing resources, mentorship, and ready access to experienced experts. The office environment is a hive of activity and the strong community culture is a key part of’s success.


In addition to gaining exposure to all facets of entrepreneurship, from business development, marketing, sales, data analytics, funding and more, you are able to explore everything the ecosystem has to offer. This includes sponsored lunches, pizza Fridays, bagel Mondays and lucky chicken wings EVERY day. In addition, you are invited to intern-exclusive events: a world-class weekly Speaker Series, discussion groups, networking and social events.

“These interns have an extraordinary talent and an extraordinary understanding. They are the future, and for me just to be in their orbit and learn from them is something I find extraordinarily gratifying.”

  • Michael Loeb, CEO.

Application process interns are growth-minded students who have the drive, commitment, and grit to innovate and iterate in the world of startups. If this is you, please apply.

  • Submit your resume online and complete a 15-20-minute survey in lieu of a cover letter through this link (

  • You will be notified by email if you have been selected for a first round interview

  • Interviews are conducted in person, over the phone, or as online video calls

  • Decisions are made on a rolling basis


“I almost don’t feel like an intern at Everyone is very welcoming, they treat you as an equal. They treat you as an adult - as someone who can actually make an impact on the company.”

– G. Franklin, Amherst College

“I have been blown away at my access to power hitters in all different fields. I met with actors, I met with a congressman, I see my CEO multiple times per day. I'm very lucky to have found this company it's about good as it gets.”

  • J. Beggs, Grinnell College

“Being part of was extremely special. I’ll bet it is hard to find an organization that is more innovative, forward-thinking and passionate than Their dedication to their interns was second to none, from the weekly intern presentations to the willingness of all employees to meet and help interns is a testament to how the entire company has bought into the success of their internship program. I encourage anyone interested in startups and venture capital to explore's internship opportunity!

– B. Grosse, University of Connecticut