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CourseHorse Product Manager in New York, New York

Cover Letter Directions: Please write no more than 100 words on the following - What’s your favorite book or piece of content on product development and why?

About Us:

We are a venture-backed company that was started to help people find and enroll in in-person classes, ranging from art and cooking classes to professional development like coding and marketing. In the summer of 2020, we began offering virtual team-building events like scavenger hunts and trivia nights as a way to help remote workers stay connected and engaged through turbulent times. Since then, we've grown quickly, delivering thousands of remote experiences to companies like Google, Peloton, McKinsey, Amazon, and many more of the Fortune 500. As the future workplace evolves, our mission is to make it easier for people to have meaningful connections even if they’re not sitting next to each other.

Role Description:

There is no specific set of tasks or a description for this role as it evolves with the needs of the business and priorities of the management team. Those needs will be based on goals and learnings which you will be heavily involved with. Example tasks include, scheduling and participating in customer research, identifying and designing solutions around thematic customer pain points, and reviewing performance metrics and helping understand the customer narrative behind them.

You’re perfect for this role if…

  • You’re analytical: You love working with data to analyze performance, spot trends or size a business opportunity. You’re well-versed in excel and web analytics.

  • You’re process-oriented: You love a good framework. You’re well-versed and have perspectives on lean UX principles, jobs to be done frameworks or design thinking.

  • You’re goal-focused: You never accept a task without understanding the ultimate goal first.

  • You’re scrappy: You can think of and execute light-weight ways to test larger opportunities. You know how to spin up a quick landing page or structure an email campaign. Most of all, you’re not afraid to dive in and figure it out quickly.

  • You’re curious: You love finding unique and valuable business and customer insights through speaking/surveying customers, staying on top of industry updates and trends or diving into customer behavior and engagement data.

  • BONUS You’ve failed: You’ve been burned by building a product or service that not many people want. You’ve experienced the value of identifying and validating user behavior assumptions before investing time and resources and are all the more wiser now.

    You’re a perfect fit for this team if…

  • You value authenticity, autonomy, and are a good communicator

  • You take ownership

  • You adapt quickly

  • You resist complacency

  • You want to create something new, versus improve what’s already out there

  • You’re energized by collaboration

  • You’re into psychology and how/why people behave the way they do


  • You’ll have the ownership and ability to make an impact

  • You’ll be working side-by-side with the CEO and other managers

  • You’re opinion won’t just be valuable, it’ll be necessary to shape our product strategy

  • 100% base health care coverage

  • Fully remote team

    Reasons why this may not be a good fit for you:

  • More often new initiatives and experiments will fail than succeed.

  • New insights shift product strategy quickly.

  • You’re uncomfortable speaking with customers on a video or phone call.

  • We will not build products we cannot make money from and we will not build revenue streams that do not provide clear customer value.

  • We’re small and don’t have extensive resources.

  • We make investment decisions based on proof (experiments or data) versus instinct.

  • You’re uncomfortable with the ambiguity of this job description.

    Cover Letter Directions: Please write no more than 100 words on the following - What’s your favorite book or piece of content on product development and why?

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