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Peloton Interactive, Inc. UX Designer in New York, New York

Company: Peloton Interactive, Inc.
Position Title: UX Designer
Location: 125 W. 25th Street, Flr 11, New York, NY 10001

Job description: Collect and analyze information about consumer usage patterns, competitive landscape, and other economics measurements in terms of horizontal and vertical product differentiation, network effects, ecosystem lock-in effects, and utility associated with key products and features. Collect data, develop statistical models and simulations to measure the impact of software changes on user behavior patterns and consumer preferences, seasonality, and engagement, and formulate and interpret related simulations. Design new web interface product features and define manageable product/data requirements. Architect the way in which users interact with software, in a graphical user interface, how they move through software features to accomplish goals, and how information is structured and presented hierarchically on screen. Develop functional requirements for software products and outline interactive states and cases for Engineering. Develop statistical model-based usage and preference diagrams, and synthesize reports from user research and interviews, to dictate key areas of software improvement.

Job requirements: Bachelor’s degree (or foreign equivalent) in Economics or a related field, PLUS two (2) years of experience in the job offered, or a related position. Experience must include demonstrable knowledge of: human/computer interaction design; algorithm definition for personalization and recommendation engines; ethnographic user research for software product usage; analytics event tracking implementation architecture; data modeling in Excel/SPSS/STATA/R to understand user behavior in software products; logic diagram production for software features; personas; user journey maps; site maps; user flows; wireframes generation; feature concepts generation; UX; audits of information architecture and functionality; information and taxonomy architecture; computer-generated user interfaces for interactive software on iOS, Android, Web, and hardware platforms, and; internalization and localization of software products.

Please send resume to Reference job code 49134.0012