New York Seasonal Jobs

Job Information

Voelpel Farms Inc. Farmworker and Laborer in Newfane, New York

10 Fulltime H-2A Seasonal Jobs available 06/01/2020 - 12/12/2020

During the anticipated period of employment, the primary activity on the farm is planting, cultivating, harvesting and packing cabbage, pumpkins, winter squash and/or sweet corn. Workers will be required to pull and transplant seedlings from cabbage beds, hoe weeds from planted fields and hand cut mature cabbage heads, pumpkins and/or winter squash in the field and load into cabbage, pumpkins and/or winter squash field bins and/or wagons. Workers will also be required to hand pick, pack and ice sweet corn. Care must be taken to avoid damage to the cabbage, pumpkins, winter squash and/or sweet corn. Workers must be physically able to cut cabbage and pick pumpkins and/or winter squash; which requires extended periods of bending. Working conditions are often cold, wet and muddy or hot and dry. Workers will pick-up rocks and tree roots from fields; as well as set and move aluminum irrigation pipe (6-inch diameter and 30-feet long). Packing line requires up to 55-pounds of repetitive lifting.


* 3 months experience
* Employer will train
* Exposure to extreme temperatures
* Drug testing at employer expense.
* Repetitive movements, extensive pushing/pulling, extensive walking, and frequent stooping.
* Lifting requirement of 55 lbs.

Full job order description (ETA 790 and Spanish translation) should be reviewed and provided to qualified applicants from the NYSDOL website at