New York Seasonal Jobs

Job Information

Green Thumb Environmental Beautification Maintenance in Nichols, New York

Job duties include:

+ The flag must be flying

+ Wash, clean, and polish windows and mirrors

+ Clean restrooms: toilets, toilet seats, urinals, restroom fixtures, sinks, floors must be clean, dry, and free of all soils; restroom floor surfaces are to be clean and dry

+ Wax and strip floors; vacuum rugs

+ Remove trash, debris, and foreign materials from walks, drives, and lawns

+ Mow lawns, string trim, and keep them neat in appearance

+ Maintain trees, shrubs, flowers, gardens, and planting including the removal of dead, dying, and damaged growth

+ Clean and sweep walks

+ Remove snow with shovel or snow blower; salt/sand icy areas (utilize salt spreader)

+ Clean up parking areas and drives

+ Empty trash containers outside and inside the area, including ladies room pad boxes. Trash cans are to be scrubbed and rinsed out if trash liners not utilized

+ Clean picnic tables, benches, and concrete pads where applicable; hose off and scrub tables

+ Replenish all supplies when needed. Replenish soap and paper before they are empty

+ Visually check lights, furnace, pumps, and water heaters

+ Participate in beautification projects

+ Sort and inventory various materials

+ Green Thumbers may utilize their skills in completing repairs at the facility, as assistants to the State Workers

+ Utilize power leaf blowers as needed to clean grounds

+ Report vandalism. DOT workers notify State Police of any criminal activity. Green Thumbers should not attempt to take action themselves

+ Report to supervisor any tools or materials required to make necessary repairs which are not readily available

+ Empty recycling bins into appropriate recycling dumpster

+ Paint and stain stand-alone objects only

+ Assist DOT employees on department projects within the capabilities of the Green Thumb written limitations

To join the ranks of Green Thumbers one must be at least fifty-ive years old and fall within the income guidelines provided within state law. Income levels may not exceed $32,200.00 for an individual or $69,680.00 for a couple.

A certificate from a healthcare provider stating that one is healthy enough to work is also required. Green Thumb will provide $50.00 toward the cost of a medical evaluation. It is important to note that one should not have a medical evaluation until they have been instructed to do so by a Green Thumb representative.

The Green Thumb Program is operated to ensure that employees' earnings remain below the threshold that would impact on social security benefits. Green Thumbers earn enough to supplement their income within the guidelines established under Social Security. This arrangement provides senior citizens with an opportunity to remain active and perform a valuable service for the state without incurring a financial penalty under the law.

Green Thumb work is part-time and the rate of pay is New York State minimum wage. On the average, Green Thumbers work three days a week. Some state agencies have openings for Green Thumb employees year round. Other assignments are limited to spring, summer and fall work schedules.