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State University of New York at Oswego Administrative Assistant 1 - English and Creative Writing in Oswego, New York

Location: Oswego, NY Category: Classified Posted On: Thu May 20 2021 Job Description:

The Department of English and Creative Writing at the State University of New York at Oswego invites applications to fill a full-time permanent, Administrative Assistant 1 position, Grade 11.

Posting Date: May 20, 2021

Review Date: Review of applications will begin immediately and will continue until the position is filled.

Salary: $41,130/year. Commensurate with qualifications and experience. In addition, the State University of New York provides an excellent benefit package. Please click here ( for more information on benefits for full-time CSEA professional.

Date of Appointment: As soon as possible.

Description of Responsibilities:

Provide administrative support for Chairperson and Directors of three programs (English, Creative Writing, and College Writing), along with 28 additional faculty. Address walk-in, telephone, and email requests from faculty, staff, students and parents for forms, syllabi, information, etc. Assist faculty and students with copying, scanning, printing, faxing, mailing, etc.


  • Maintain personnel files for full-time and adjunct faculty

  • Complete and submit Appointment Forms

  • Complete and submit I-9, W-9 and W-4 forms

  • Complete and submit MyOswego Faculty Services Authorization form

  • Maintain faculty absence record

  • Faculty searches

  • Collect and organize candidate cover letters, resumes, reference letters, writing samples, etc., submitted via Interview Exchange, Interfolio, email, and hard copy

  • Coordinate candidate itinerary (adopted template to use as example)

  • Make hotel reservations

  • Make dinner reservations

  • Coordinate transportation for candidate

  • Ensure candidate completes I-9 and other applicable forms

  • Complete and submit candidate reimbursement forms as necessary


  • Collect course requests from faculty

  • Organize course requests for Chair and Directors

  • Work with Chair and Directors to draft and finalize complete department schedule

  • Submit final schedule to Registrar's Office

  • Liasion with Registrar's Office and Extended Learning to make changes and adjustments to schedules and rooms as necessary

  • Request syllabi from faculty

  • Collect office hours from all faculty

  • Assign faculty office space according to schedules/office hours (fit 53 faculty into 27 offices)

  • Create signs for each office with occupant's name, schedule, office hours, contact information

  • Update directory for Poucher (all floors)

  • Organize and mail letters to admitted and transfer students

  • ENG/CRW/CSS Senior Recognition


  • Department and IFR/Summer Accounts

  • Track on department spreadsheet

  • Keep Chair informed of budget status

  • Make purchases via credit card or SUNY Purchasing System (e-reqs)

  • Process paperwork for reimbursements

  • Travel

  • Collect travel requests from faculty

  • Complete and submit Request for Travel forms

  • Collect travel receipts from faculty

  • Complete and submit Travel Vouchers for reimbursement

  • College Foundation

  • Complete and submit reimbursement requests

  • Keep Directors apprised of account balance

  • Submit donations

  • Grants

  • Assist in completing paperwork for grant requests

  • Track grants on spreadsheet

  • Complete and submit paperwork for reimbursements and/or purchases

  • Complete and submit paperwork for student workers including I-9, W-9, W-4 and timesheets

  • Visa

  • Purchase standard office supplies

  • Purchase items as requested by Program Directors

  • Reconcile Citibank statement and SUNY Purchasing System

  • Submit receipts and reconciliation to Finance


  • Palmer, Barnes, Buckley, Moore, Hallinan, Briand, etc. Awards

  • Collect information from Registrar's Office regarding student eligibility for awards

  • Collect names of nominee's from faculty

  • Notify recipients via formal letters and email of their award

  • Create award certificates and obtain appropriate signatures

  • Submit paperwork for award checks

  • Have award plaques engraved with recipients' names

  • Creative Writing Awards Contest

  • Design and distribution posters and flyers for awards

  • Collect student submissions

  • Copy submissions and send to six judges for fiction, non-fiction, formal poem, sonnet, playwriting, and screenwriting

  • Notify winners via formal letters and email

  • Create award certificates and obtain appropriate signatures

  • Reserve room for awards presentation during Quest

  • Arrange for refreshments

  • Create and reproduce awards program for ceremony

  • Create PowerPoint slide show for awards ceremony

  • Deans' Writing Awards

  • Collect CLAS student submissions and Materials License Agreements

  • Copy submissions and send to judges

  • Collect information from students on attendance at ceremony and guests

  • Create PowerPoint slide show for awards ceremony

Living Writers Series and Program Speakers

  • Make hotel, transportation, and dinner reservations for presenters

  • Create and distribution flyers and posters for presentations

  • Track funds transferred from Artswego to CRW and CSS College Foundation Accounts

  • Complete and submit paperwork for reimbursement to presenters


  • Monitor list of advisors/advisees

  • Work with Program Director to assign advisors

  • Update advisor assignments in Banner

  • Maintain student advisement files

Course Information

  • Update and copy course description digital and hard copy booklet each semester

  • Update and copy Major and Minor worksheets

  • Update and copy English and Creative Writing information digital and hard copy pamphlet


  • Maintenance Department - submit work orders for repairs, painting, moving, cleaning, building, etc.

  • Computer Technology Services - trouble calls, inventory, software upgrades, equipment moves

  • Registrar's Office and Extended Learning - changes and adjustments to schedules and rooms as necessary

  • Procurement Department - credit card issues, ordering supplies on-line, e-reqs

  • Payroll - adjunct salaries, faculty time and attendance

  • Parking Office - submit names of adjunct and new faculty each semester for parking stickers, request parking passes for visitors, guests, and presenters

Web Page

  • Keep department webpage up-to-date with contact information

  • Update faculty office assignments and schedules each semester

  • Update course offerings each semester

Email Group Distribution Lists and ListServs

  • Update every list each semester

  • Department faculty distribution list

  • Creative Writing Majors/Minors listserv

  • Department faculty and staff list for scanning on ColorQube

  • Post listserv item requests after consulting with chair

Meeting Minutes

  • Attend meetings, take, transcribe and distribute meeting minutes for Chair's Advisory Committee, Creative Writing, and Cinema & Screen Studies

English Honor Society

  • Honor Society

  • Work with Director to coordinate activities and communication

Room Reservations

  • Coordinate English Department Conference Room reservations

  • Submit electronic requests for room reservations for classroom activities and event management

Manages the front office operations and workflow. Supervises any other office staff in day to day operations.

Job Requirements:

Minimum Qualifications:

Current New York State employee with one year or more of permanent, contingent-permanent, or 55b/c service as an Administrative Assistant 1 (formerly Secretary 1); OR current New York State employee with one year or more of permanent, contingent-permanent, or 55b/c service in a position allocated to a Grade 6 and above and eligible for transfer under Section 70.1 of the Civil Service Law to Administrative Assistant Trainee 1.* *Note: Appointment may be made at a traineeship level. A new two-year traineeship, (Administrative Assistant Trainee 1, NS=Grade 8 starting salary $34,831 & Administrative Assistant Trainee 2, NS=Grade 10 starting salary $38, 875) leading to Administrative Assistant 1, Grade 11, has been approved effective October 31, 2019. Trainees will be required to take four mandatory courses the first year of the traineeship and four elective courses in each the second year of the traineeship in four competency areas through the CSEA Partnership, or equivalent offerings through another entity as determined by the agency. All trainees are required to successfully complete all courses before advancing to the Administrative Assistant 1, SG-11.

For full details on the Administrative Assistant Traineeship program, go to the following link:

Conditions of Employment:

This will be a permanent or provisional appointment. Candidates should be aware that a preferred list, transfer list, placement roster and/or reemployment roster of laid off State employees may be certified against this vacancy by the Department of Civil Service.

Additional Information:

For more details, reference New York State Department of Civil Service, Job Title Code # 2900100, Administrative Assistant 1 and Grade 11.

If you have any questions about the position, please call or e-mail:

Human Resources