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Palmyra-Macedon Central School District Substitute Nurse in Palmyra, New York

Job Description TITLE: Substitute School Nurse REPORTS TO: Building Principal LENGTH OF YEAR: Ten Months LENGTH OF DAY: 7.5 hours per day Purpose: The Substitute School Nurse will provide health services and act as an advocate, liaison, and consultant on health related issues for students, families and school personnel when the regular School Nurse is unavailable to work. They are an integral part of the Palmyra-Macedon CSD school program in supporting an optimum physical, mental, emotional and social climate for all students and staff. Guiding Philosophy of a Palmyra-Macedon Substitute School Nurse ? Embrace learning for all. ? Create and enthusiastically be part of a collaborative culture. ? Value collective capacity through job-embedded professional learning. ? Focus on results and not activities. ? Implement change for its effect on the overall enhancement of the organization. ? Embrace the model of continuous improvement. Expected Results: 1. Substitute School Nurses will coordinate and deliver health services to all students and employees through communication and collaboration with school and community members by: ? Protecting and maintaining students’ health by providing professional nursing services in accordance with Nursing Standards and NYS Licensing. ? Providing nursing triage, counsel, and care of patients who are ill, injured or experiencing alteration in the normal health process. ? Providing NY State-mandated and annual screening programs including vision, hearing, height, weight and scoliosis. ? Facilitating NY State-mandated immunization and communicable disease control requirements. ? Identifying and assessing students’ health needs, implementing services, and evaluating plans of care which impact student learning and achievement or safety. ? Participating as members of the school’s multi-disciplinary teams, interpreting medical data and writing objectives for the health component on IEP and/or 504 plans.

? Acting as a liaison between home, school, and community providers for medical issues, including visiting students at home as directed by the Director of Student Services, Building Principal or their designee. ? Identifying and reporting school building safety or environmental issues which impact students’ or staff’s health to the building administrator. ? Participating as members of the school’s Emergency Management, Health and Safety, and Crisis Response Teams. ? Supervising aides working in the health office. ? Administering medication, including but not limited to, allergy injections, insulin, nebulizer therapy and other treatments as prescribed by a provider licensed by a state regulatory board to prescribe medications and treatments. 2. All information regarding student and staff health and safety will be accurately maintained and updated by: ? Documenting health services provided in accordance with the NYS Nurse Practice Act. ? Maintaining current pertinent health data for each student by periodic review and updating of individual student’s electronic and paper health records. ? Documenting, updating, and completing student and staff insurance/accident reports. ? Initiating and documenting health surveillance programs as needed. ? Recording, compiling and reporting aggregate student health information as required by NYS Department of Health. 3. The importance of making healthy choices will be promoted by: ? Creating an environment that is positive, student-centered, and differentiated to meet the needs of all learners. ? Providing staff and community educational opportunities as needed. 4. Substitute School Nurse will seek and take advantage of professional growth opportunities by: ? Developing and pursuing individual professional growth plans which may include: in-service workshops, graduate courses, conferences and collegial learning. ? Participating in research and data collection involving School Nursing and Health Education. ? Demonstrating an understanding of the community’s needs in which they practice. ? Collaborating with community partners in the delivery of Health Education or services as needed. 5. The Nurse’s Office and Athletic Department will work together to ensure the safety of our students by: ? Reviewing Health Appraisal and Sports Clearance forms for student athletes prior to the start of each sport season.(requires some summer hours)

? Following-up contact with parents and primary care providers regarding clarification or missing medical information. ? Providing athletic directors/coaches with cleared student lists and relevant medical information in a timely fashion. 6. The Substitute School Nurse will maintain and promote the Nurse’s Office as a professional environment by: ? Communicating with students, parents, community members, and staff in a professional manner verbally and in writing including through electronic means. 7. All parents, students, community members, employees, and all visitors to the Palmyra-Macedon CSD will experience the Pal-Mac Way by: ? Greeting parents, students, community members, employees, and all visitors with a friendly and helpful attitude. ? Displaying a customer service approach when working with others in person, on the phone, and through written and electronic communication. ? Being attentive to the needs of all individuals who request their assistance. ? Communicating clearly, both verbally and in writing. ? Utilizing their skills to de-escalate a situation when other people are in a heightened or excited state. 8. The Substitute School Nurse will perform all other duties as assigned by the School Nurse Coordinator and/or Building Principal. The Substitute School Nurse will possess the following minimum qualities, qualifications, skills and/or abilities: ? Possess the proper New York state license and certifications for the position. ? Physical condition commensurate with the demands of the position. ? A clear communicator in oral and written language, including electronic communication. ? Work collaboratively with other staff members, administrators, students, and parents. ? Use problem-solving and critical thinking skills. ? Listens first. ? Organization skills. ? Knowledge of effective grade appropriate counseling techniques for students of all ages. Evaluation: The Substitute School Nurse will be evaluated on an annual basis by the School Nurse Coordinator and/or the building administrator.

Position Start Date:09/01/2023

Application Deadline:06/30/2024

Civil Service Title: School Nurse

Job Number: C520