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The New York Foundling Sr Counselor in Putnam Valley, New York

  • Child Care * SRCOU06025 Full-Time Putnam Valley, NY, USA ### Description We are currently seeking Senior Counselors for *Camp Felix, 2021 (Sunday, August 1 - Friday, August 27) Staff must be available to work training week/weekend and all 3 weeks of camp* Senior Counselors work under direct supervision of the Unit Leader to achieve Camp Felix goals and objectives by delivering a safe, fun and enriching summer camp program that helps Camp Felix campers build positive relationships, learn new skills, improve their self-esteem and develop healthy habits. Specific responsibilities include: * Provide support to all counselors as needed through verbal meetings to take place at times that do not impact the Sr. Counselor’s responsibilities within his/her own cabin. * Act as an informational resource to all staff as needed. * Provide emotional support to staff as needed. * Report any issues that Sr. Counselor cannot address to the Unit Leaders or Assistant Director. * Follow all camp policies and procedures and support camp staff members in ensuring these policies and procedures are adhered to. * Senior counselors will be assigned to a cabin and will assume the regular counselor responsibilities described below: * Ensure safety and well-being of campers in the assigned cabin. * Sleep in the same cabin as campers. * Arrange for proper upkeep of cabin; report maintenance problems immediately to supervisor. * Supervise campers such that they are protected from any unreasonable risk to their health or safety, including bullying, abuse or any public health hazard. * Maintain visual or verbal communications capabilities between camper and counselor during activities and a method of accounting for the camper's whereabouts at all times. * Organize and supervise daily group activities according to schedule; ensure timely arrival and departure at all daily activities. * Supervise campers during all activities, participate in activities with them, and encourage them to participate as much as possible (i.e. arts & crafts, sports, hiking, dance, music, theater, swimming, etc). * Supervise campers during mealtime; serve food to campers and ensure that all campers are eating their meals. * Supervise campers after lights out, if on duty. * Supervise campers during shower time. * Help to prevent dangerous situations by minimizing risks. * Recognize and handle emergencies as per Camp Felix policies and procedures. * Help campers grow and develop by providing positive reinforcement, guidance, support and care. * Utilize positive and supportive techniques and strategies to resolve problems and enforce discipline among campers. * Participate in pre-camp training. * Assist during transportation to/from camp, supervise campers while on the bus, assist with bus loading/unloading at camp. * Other duties as assigned. EDUCATION, EXPERIENCE, AND SPECIAL NEEDS REQUIRED * Previous Camp Felix experience required * Must be at least 18 years of age. * Must have a High School or GED diploma. * Must have knowledge of or experience working in summer camps. * Must have experience working with children in some capacity, preferably in an educational setting. * Excellent verbal communication skills; must be a team player. * Exhibit qualities such as patience, kindness, honestly, responsibility, compassion, and desire to help others. * Knowledge of or familiarity with the issues/needs of children involved in the child welfare system preferred. * Must be able to follow rules, guidelines, and policies enforced by supervisor and Camp Director. * Must be comfortable participating in all of camp’s activities with the children and encouraging them to participate as well. * Updated First Aid and CPR certification preferred. * Must be available for training week/weekend and all 3 weeks of camp ## Qualifications ### Behavior Required Dedicated:Devoted to a task or purpose with loyalty or integrity Functional Expert:Considered a thought leader on a subject Team Player:Works well as a member of a group ### Motivation Required Ability to Make an Impact:Inspired to perform well by the ability to contribute to the success of a project or the organization ### Education Required HS Graduate or Equivalent or better ### Experience Required-Must be at least 18 years of age. -Must have knowledge of or experience working in summer camps. -Must have experience working with children in some capacity, preferably in an educational setting. ### Licenses & Certifications Required First Aid Posted: February 6, 2021