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Police Athletic League Home Visitor - Early Head Start in Queens, New York

The Police Athletic League (PAL) is the largest independent youth organization in New York City that provides educational and recreational activities for children and young adults. PAL Inc. and The New York City Police Department work in partnership to provide communities with summer and after-school recreational and educational activities.

We are looking for an Early Head Start Home Visitor who will be responsible to provide early, continuous, intensive and comprehensive child development and family support services to eligible pregnant women, infants, toddlers and their families through a series of weekly home visits (90 minutes) and scheduled socialization activities. The EHS home visitor will design, plan and carry out developmentally appropriate experiences that meet all component areas of Head Start, the school readiness goals established by the program and the individual needs of the child. Each Home Visitor will maintain a maximum caseload of 10-12 infants, toddlers and/or pregnant women.

Major Duties & Responsibilities

  • Establish a trusting and caring relationship with each child and his/her family.

  • Serve as an advocate between community resources and Early Head Start families.

  • Provide home visits and socialization experiences to promote, enhance, and monitor the development of each enrolled child.

  • Partner with the family to develop self-sufficiency goals for the child and family.

  • Assist families in identifying family resources and needs.

  • Support family empowerment, involvement in the program, and positive family relationships.

  • Model appropriate discipline techniques and positive self-esteem-building behaviors when working with the family.

  • Partner with parents and families as they become lifelong educators by observing, guiding, promoting and participating in the everyday learning of their children at home school and in their communities.

General Staff Responsibilities

  • Communicate effectively with staff, families and children, when using the phone and in face-to-face, one-to-one and group settings.

  • Comprehend, analyze and make inferences and references from written material.

  • Contribute to the team in a positive and productive manner.

  • Demonstrate commitment to mission, values and policies in the performance of daily duties.

  • Demonstrate familiarity with employment policies, performance standards, work plan and Agency objectives.

  • Keep current and accurate records.

  • Lift, move, push or pull heavy and/or bulky objects and/or children weighing up to 50 pounds.

  • Maintain confidentiality in regard to staff and family information.

  • Maintain congenial and respectful relations with staff, children, families and community.

  • Maintain the safety of the environment and children through visual, auditory and olfactory senses.

  • Observe, compare and monitor behaviors, records and data to determine compliance with prescribed standards and learning outcomes (Head Start Program Performance Standards, Head Start Early Learning Outcomes, IFSP, Teaching Strategies GOLD).


Job Duties to Pregnant Mothers & Families

  • Develop a supportive relationship with the pregnant mother/expectant family.

  • Assure that the pregnant mother has health insurance coverage.

  • Assure that the pregnant mother has access to a health care professional.

  • Collaborate with the Health Clinic to provide pre- and postpartum services.

  • Assure that the pregnant mother /expectant family has access to nutritional counseling, food assistance, oral health care, mental health services, substance abuse prevention and treatment, and emergency shelter or transitional housing in the case of domestic violence.

  • Assure that the pregnant mother /expectant family has stable supports.

  • Engage the pregnant mother /expectant family in family partnership services.

  • Assist the pregnant mother /expectant family with attaining education and services that address fetal development, nutrition, risks of alcohol, drugs, and smoking, labor and delivery, postpartum recovery, parental depression, infant care and sleep practices and the benefits of breastfeeding.

  • Assure that the pregnant mother /expectant family has appropriate supports for emotional well-being, nurturing and responsive caregiving, and father engagement during pregnancy and early childhood.

  • Schedule within 2 two weeks after the infant’s birth and then provide a newborn visit with each mother and baby to offer support and identify family needs.

  • Engage the pregnant mother /expectant family in discussions about program options, plan the transition, assist and support the family during the transition process


Other Requirements

  • Participate in staff meetings, training sessions and workshops as assigned.

  • Perform occasional cleaning of the classroom, which may require the use of a broom, mop, cleaning fluids and/or sanitizing agents.

  • Produce written documentation with clearly organized thoughts, using proper sentence construction, punctuation and grammar.

  • Set up a developmentally appropriate classroom, which requires the moving of tables, chairs, shelves, cubbies, etc.

  • Sit in a child-sized chair and/or on the rug/floor.

  • Work with children, requiring the ability to walk or run quickly, kneel or sit on the floor, bend and lift, walk over uneven ground, be exposed to adverse weather conditions, etc.

  • Perform any other work-related duties as assigned by the supervisor.     


Skills/Knowledge Required

  • Minimum H.S. diploma/GED.

  • Must have CDA Certificate

Salary Range: $30,075

The Police Athletic League seeks to hire staff who reflect the diversity of the communities we serve. All positions at PAL are filled without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, disability, HIV/AIDS status, veteran status, or any other characteristic protected by law. All are encouraged to apply.

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