New York Seasonal Jobs

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Stiles Apiaries, LLC Honey Harvester/Processor in Redwood, New York

6 Fulltime Seasonal H-2A Jobs Available 7/5/2022-11/15/2022 Crops/Commodities: honey. Primary job duty is to harvest/extract honey. Operate extracting machinery to remove wax cappings and extract honey from comb. Fill drums with extracted honey. Weigh and record drums. Workers required to follow common sanitary practices at all times to preserve quality and maintain food safety standards. Workers required to wash hands thoroughly with soap and water after using the bathroom and before beginning harvest activities. Rebox and prepare combs for next harvest. Make, repair, paint and clean boxes and equipment as required. Use hammers, hive tools and other hand tools to perform manual tasks. General maintenance and servicing of equipment and facility. May work in other aspects of commercial bee keeping, including accessing a colony to determine if it needs food or medicine, feeding and medicating bees, maintaining hives in a healthy state. Must respond correctly to bees to harmonize with their natural cycle and keep them in the healthiest state possible for survival and profitability. Requirements: * Minimum of three months of prior experience working on a honeybee farm handling both manual and machine tasks associated with beekeeping. * Exposure to extreme temperatures. * Lifting requirement of 60 lbs. * Repetitive movements, extensive pushing/pulling, extensive walking and frequent stooping/bending. The full terms and conditions of the job (form ETA790a) should be reviewed and provided to qualified applicants from this website: For qualified applicants requiring a Spanish translation of this job order, please email or call 1-877-466-9757. Please include the applicant name and job order number in your request.