New York Seasonal Jobs

Job Information

Cornell Cooperative Extension Association of Jefferson County Junior Counselor in Redwood, New York

Program Responsibilities:

Job Duties (Development, Delivery, Evaluation)
-Represent 4-H Camp Wabasso in initial contact with parents and campers on opening day of each session, making every effort to make campers and parents feel comfortable and welcome.
-Assist the counselor in charge with the supervision of 6-16 campers in cabin. See to their safety and well-being at all times. At no time will a Junior Counselor be given the responsibility of cabin supervision or any activity that is considered to be high risk.
-Assist in providing supervision of campers during all meals, recreation time, free time, free swim, evening programs and other camp activities.
-Provide to all campers the opportunity to participate in all camp activities, and assist Camp Director, Program Director, and Area Program Coordinators in providing support for these activities.
-Cooperate with coordinators, directors and other counselors in the development and implementation of all 4-H Camp Wabasso activities, including afternoon, special programs, evening and weekend activities, utilizing research-based 4-H curriculum.
-Be a positive role model and ensure that both counselor and camper behaviors are consistent with camp standards.
-Assist in teaching all classes as directed by the Area Program Coordinators and Camp Director.
-Assist in the implementation of special programs including afternoon, evening and weekend activities.
-Assist in distributing award recognition and participation certificates to campers when earned.
Review weekly camp medical bulletins, and stay aware of special medical requirements of campers you are helping to supervise.
-Ensure all special needs are met (i.e. medications, individual needs).
-Provide support for individual campers who have difficulty adjusting to campers and/or camp life.

Administrative Responsibilities:

Job Duties (Direction, Management, Coordination)
-Enforce all camp health and safety standards, keeping campers safe at all times.
-Assist campers in scheduling classes, and following the daily camp schedule.
-Cooperate and assist coordinators, directors and other counselors in the coordination of all 4-H Camp WA basso activities, including afternoon, special programs, evening and weekend activities.
-Assist Program Coordinators in monitoring progress of classes.
-Maintain records on all instructional classes, including lesson plans.
-Assist in maintaining and inspecting program equipment, supplies, and program sites, (including daily and end of season inventory) to ensure they are in good condition and are in safe working order.
-Assist in the daily upkeep of camp facilities.
-Assist in helping Program Area Coordinators organize their respective areas.
-Keep all coordinators, senior counselors, and Directors updated with pertinent information.
-Assist in the evaluation of the current camping season, and make suggestions for the next camping season.
-Perform other duties as assigned and/or reassigned as directed/required by the Camp Director.

Professional Improvement and Other Duties as Assigned
-Attend 4-H Camp Wabasso orientation/training program, and participate in staff meetings and required training events as scheduled.
-In cooperation with Supervisor and/or Youth, Family & Community Development Issue Leader, jointly develop and pursue a professional development plan as a means to increase competencies relative to position accountabilities and to address changes in programming and association priorities.
-Collaborate in activities that are in general support of Cornell Cooperative Extension including but not limited to attendance at staff meetings, timely reporting of expenses, working with other staff, general marketing of Extension programs and other duties as assigned.