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Roberts Wesleyan College - Rochester, NY Director of Academic Operations in Rochester, New York

Director of Academic Operations

Rochester, NY ( • Office of Academic Affairs

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Manage operational and administrative functions for the CAO providing a professional office environment and facilitating a smooth flow of information within the Office of Academic Affairs and across academic departments. Job Responsibilities: Provide Leadership and Supervision 1. Initiate and oversee the implementation of operational processes aimed at improving efficiency, accuracy, and consistency within the Office of Academic Affairs and across the 40+ academic and academic support departments. 2. Coordinate and facilitate the budget planning process for the 40+ budget units under the CAO. 3. Facilitate, in consultation the CAO, the processes for budget finalization/tracking, program reviews, policy revisions, and other special projects. 4. Participate in weekly Academic Cabinet meetings and record and publish minutes. Provide support in preparation for these meetings and all necessary follow-up communication. 5. Support academic initiatives such as contributing margin reports, strategic planning, and program reviews. 6. Oversee implementation of institution’s student course evaluation process and reporting. Train and supervise staff members and student workers to assist with creating course evaluation semester report summaries to provide to Program Directors, Department Chairs, School Deans, and CAO, and to individual faculty for review processes. 7. Oversee faculty service recognition and faculty award processes. 8. With support from the Academic Activity Coordinator, oversee the Promotion and Tenure, 2- year review, and 5-year review processes. Responsibilities could include updating the yearly timelines, communicating with faculty, scheduling interviews, and drafting formal decision notifications. 9. Oversee management of the faculty summer scholarship grant program. 10. Serve as a resource for the student academic grievance process. 11. Provide direct supervision of office support staff (Academic Activity Coordinator and Office Manager and Adjunct Faculty Coordinator). Approve their time reports. Oversee the Assistants to the Deans, making sure appropriate instruction and information is communicated to them. 12. Mentor new academic department/program administrative support staff. 13. Facilitate quarterly Academic Administrative Assistants’ meetings, following up, as appropriate, with the CAO. 14. Serve as resource for academic departments by responding to daily inquiries from School Deans, Department Chairs and Program Directors, faculty, and administrative staff. 15. Submit proposals to the New York State Education Department and Middles States Commission on Higher Education on behalf of Academic Programs. 16. Assist with Academic Events such as Spring Commencement and Convocation. 17. Hire/train/supervise student worker(s) for the office. Approve their biweekly time card reports. Oversee Faculty Employment, Orientation, and Contracts 1. Work with CAO and Deans to generate offer letters for new and regular faculty members. 2. Advertise each faculty position vacancy on RWC and external web sites; maintain and update as necessary and monitor for effectiveness. Respond to all unsolicited faculty applications. 3. Serve as liaison with contracted relocation firm and new faculty members; approve relocation estimates. 4. Coordinate logistics for New Faculty Orientation. 5. Coordinate and generate annual teaching and service contracts for regular faculty that total approximately 120 faculty contracts annually. Maintain communication with departments, H.R., Registrar, CAO, and School Deans as necessary to ensure accuracy. 6. Oversee the contract generation process for adjunct faculty and overloads that total approximately 1,100 contracts annually with the support of the Office Manager and Adjunct Faculty Coordinator. 7. Oversee the onboarding process for new adjunct faculty; supervise the Adjunct Faculty Coordinator’s work launching background checks, onboarding packets, and network account request, along with communicating with the new employees 8. Process daily requests for additional payment to faculty for teaching independent and directed studies and for additional miscellaneous service to the institution. 9. Establish and maintain accurate Faculty Master Data, faculty files, and various faculty tracking reports for each new academic year. Create records for new faculty members and archive records for former faculty employees. Respond to ongoing institutional requests for faculty data and reports. Communicate with campus offices regarding new faculty and other changes to faculty personnel records. Initiate academic personnel directory change to the RWC online Catalog. Perform Administrative Functions 1. Prepare notices to faculty as requested. 2. Cover for President’s Office Staff when requested. 3. Maintain and update faculty e-mail distribution lists, ensuring consistent and targeted communications. 4. Maintain Office of Academic Affairs Intranet Site, 5. Assist with planning of the All-Schools Meetings three times each year.

The approved salary for this position is $58,458.40/Annually.


Bachelor’s degree or an equivalent combination of education and applicable experience; prior administrative, supervisory, and Microsoft Office experience required. Excellent skills in interpersonal relations, organization, communication, working both as a team player and independently, and dealing with difficult personnel matters are also necessary.

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