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Astor services for Children & Family Team Leader - Rockland County - TL-TK (Temporary/Seasonal) in Rockland County, New York

Team Leader —Rockland County - TL-TK (Temporary/Seasonal)Job Title:

Team Leader

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June 11th, 2021


Rockland County

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Education Requirements:

Experience in Disaster Behavioral Health

Job Description:

The Team Leader leads a team of crisis counselors in the field. The Team Leader should be an experience disaster behavioral health worker or behavioral health professional who supervises paraprofessional or less experienced crisis counselors. They may help to assess people who require traditional mental health or substance use treatment. The may also be one of several team leads on staff with a provider, depending on the size and scope of the disaster. The Team Leader trains, debriefs, and provides supervision for the crisis counselors and uses data to conduct ongoing needs assessments. The Team Leader coordinates data collection activities and reviews data form submissions for accuracy. If the program is using mobile application, the Team Leader reviews and accepts or rejects forms submitted through the mobile application. They will provide coordination and oversight of the crisis counselor’s plans of service and may perform crisis counseling as needed. The position is short term with an end date of June 16th 2021.

Working at Astor:

“Astor Services cares about your safety, and the safety of the children and families that we serve. We follow all NYS and CDC COVID-19 guidelines.”

Astor Services for Children & Families is a community based, non-profit organization that provides children’s mental health services, child welfare services, and early childhood development programs. Astor serves children and families in New York State’s Mid-Hudson Valley region and the Bronx.

Through a wide variety of premier quality education and mental health services, Astor provides support for pre-schoolers, children with behavioral and emotional health problems, children at risk of placement in foster care, and families that need assistance in developing the skills necessary to raise their children in an environment filled with increasing challenges. Astor currently serves thousands of children each year through its prevention, early childhood, special education, community behavioral health and residential treatment programs.

Many children in our communities struggle with emotional and psychological problems that make it difficult for them to experience the simple everyday pleasures of being a child.

ASTOR is there for them.

Many families, overwhelmed by financial, emotional and cultural challenges, need additional resources and support to be able to give their children a healthy, happy childhood.

ASTOR is there for them.