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Sumaria Systems, Inc. PROP - Systems Architect in Rome, New York

PROP - Systems Architect

Department: Information Technology Division

Office: Rome NY/AFRL

Location: Rome , NY



Job Title: Systems Architect

Job Description: System Engineering: (T&M): Provide system engineering technical documents and reports, architecture design development and review for ITS PWS managed IT and communications systems and new technology upgrades. In support of this service the Contractor shall.


  • Work with RIOS Government leads, assist AFRL/RI customers in the development of Communications and Computer systems (C-CS) requirements. Serve as an advisor and SME at meetings for IT, laboratory and IT facility design, and construction and minor renovations. Perform mission review with communications and computer system customers for architectural integration and impact on the communications and computer system infrastructure. Evaluate plans and projects to determine communications and computer systems impacts and shortfalls. Prepares communications and computer system assessments to ensure technical solutions integrate with existing or proposed systems. Assist in continued development and maintenance of the current installation communications and computer system assessment blueprint with the AFRL/RIOS Government installation communications planner. Maintain communications planning and implementation source documents consisting of architectures, agreements, and contracts. Assist the Government planning lead in the management and maintenance of unit agreements file and identify the impact of agreements on unit resources. Develop a System Engineering Management Plan (SEMP) that describes the Contractor-s proposed efforts for planning, controlling and conducting a fully integrated engineering effort. Develop system engineering plans for the inclusion, move, or upgrades to entire systems in the enterprise and network architecture. Comply with DOD, AF, AFMC, AFRL and AFRL/RI guidelines. Life Cycle Management of IT and Command, Control, Communications and Computers (C4) systems: (T&M): Ensure that all aspects of the Enterprise, Network, Unified communications, Audio visual and communications hardware and software will not become EOL or unsupportable. Assess system performance and business needs, plan for new and evolving IT hardware and software and C4 systems, review proposals for the migration of existing services, and make recommendations for corrections and enhancements to current systems. Provide technical studies, review plans, evaluate state of the technologies prior to fielding of new releases or systems. Review plans and policies and provide observations and questions for consolidated responses. Research and coordinate technical issues and requirements and draft new and updated policy governing technical issues. Provide technical analyses and draft reports of C4 system tests, assessments, and architectures. Participate in meetings as required by the Government, attend conferences; technical interchange seminars; interoperability meetings. Perform analysis, provide recommendations, and prepare planning documentation to transition current services into the Joint Information Environment (JIE). Plan large-scale systems and projects through vendor comparison and cost studies and provide input to policy level discussions regarding standards and budget constraints. Develop Project Charter, Scope and Requirements documents to satisfy project needs. Determine Life Cycle Replacement (LCR) needs for supported technology based upon industry standards and budget constraints.

  • Emergent Technologies (T&M) in order to realize new benefits such as higher efficiency, increased productivity, or overall lowered cost of ownership, AFRL/RIOS must incorporate new yet potentially disruptive technologies into the enterprise architecture. Collaborate with the appropriate Government lead to identify, investigate and recommend emerging technologies and trends that could be applicable for inclusion into the enterprise architecture. Participate in planning/requirements meetings and attend conferences, seminars, technical exchange meetings as approved by the Government. Collaborate with the Government leads to aggregate strategic planning information and to outline a multi-year architectural roadmap for the enterprise. Establish and maintain a pre-production environment that can functionally replicate the capabilities found within the production enterprise environment. Install, configure and integrate technologies into the pre-production environment without impacting or jeopardizing production business process. Collaborate with stakeholders and potential consumers of the technology to identify and develop requirements, use and test cases, and exit criteria for evaluation in the pre-production environment. Perform testing, evaluation and analysis based on use and test cases to determine business impacts and integration approach. Document and report findings and recommendations into an overall Integrated Project Plan. Upon Government approval install, configure and validate the deployment and integration of the technology into the production enterprise environment and ensure that relevant business processes are modified. Provide TCNO/NOTAM, software update, patches, and Group Policy Object (GPO) testing prior to implementation onto the production enterprise. Troubleshoot and resolve conflicts that arise due to the use of Commercial Off The Shelf (COTS) or Government Off The Shelf (GOTS) hardware/software within the existing enterprise architectures. Develop, test, and deploy necessary additions and customizations to the Vulnerability Assessment (VA) Service and Distribution Center (SDC) to ensure functionality within the enterprise.


  • Test and evaluate and support the deployment of new or modified SDC images. Provide cross-functional, inter-disciplinary support and assistance for DOD and AF sponsored initiatives. accurately maintain OEM/Vendor, AF standard systems, and local databases which document AFRL/RIOS managed IT hardware, software, and maintenance. Provide system printouts or reports which reflect accurate software and firmware versioning, EOL dates, and service status on a monthly basis. Provide analysis for all proposed hardware or software upgrades or replacements. Document all system replacements for current and next FY for the annual budget review in December. Maintain a master timeline for all major enterprise and network systems components Review DISA approved hardware and software lists against current AFRL/RIOS managed systems and report on a quarterly basis. Provide immediate feedback when the lifecycle of managed hardware and software systems is affected by issues due to O&M troubles or failures. Provide feedback after attending trade shows for new technologies. migrant Technology (T&M): Identify, evaluate, and implement new IT technologies as a means to improve operational efficiencies/service delivery, reduce total cost of IT ownership, and expand IT service catalog offerings to better meet current and future customer requirements.

  • Gain and maintain familiarity with the AFRL/RI and AFRL Chief Information Technology Officer (CITO) Council structure, personnel, processes, and interactions between AFRL/RIOS and AFRL/RC. Research topics for applicability and or adverse effects to AFRL/RI IT architecture and mission performance. Identify alternatives, impacts, and necessary changes to the AFRL/RI business systems and processes as a result of these external stimuli. Identify and articulate risks. Ensure compliance with applicable DOD and AF regulations. Review near-term, mid-term, and long-range planning; impact analyses; and investment analysis. Research application of cutting-edge IT processes and technology relevant to the enhancement of operational and research missions at AFRL/RI. Devise technical designs for large and complicated projects that fit into the overall enterprise architecture. Recommend, propose, and present solutions consisting of software, integrated hardware, and professional service offerings based on customer need and business analysis. Provide recommendations for hardware and software purchases (budget inputs, end of year funding proposals, EOL refresh, technology refresh, upgrades/ enhancements, warranty service and maintenance service contracts sole source or brand name justification documentation). Review engineering of current systems against newer technologies for RIOS managed IT hardware and software. Facilitate a system engineering working group with contract and Government leads or SME-s to discuss current and future engineering of architecture changes to be presented to management or taken to the change board for approval

  • Review current and future technologies for possible replacements and upgrades to managed systems and provide budget analysis, and business case documentation for these technologies as the current roadmap or AF/MAJCOM downward direction dictates. Provide information to Government when requested. Provide and maintain a 3-year Roadmap for all enterprise, unified communications, network, and video systems. Update quarterly to CIO/CSO. Review DISA approved hardware and software lists against current AFRL/RIOS managed systems and report on a quarterly basis. Provide a SEMP. (See CDRL, B005, D005, F005 & H005) Using the SEMP, prepare a SEP for all new hardware and software platforms to be integrated with the IT network and enterprise enclaves. Provide feedback after attending trade shows for new technologies.

  • Provides support in all areas of project requirements.

Certifications Required: Security+, Window/Linux Server, CCNA (E*) or network planning experience

Education: Bachelor-s degree, Education requirement may be waived for exceptionally qualified personnel.

Year-s Experience: 5+ years of experience

Travel: 10%

Security Clearance Required: must have an ACTIVE Secret Security Clearance

Position Type: Full Time

Work Location: Rome Research Site, Rome NY

Top salaries paid for qualified candidates.

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Sumaria is an equal opportunity employer and considers qualified applicants for employment without regard to race, color, creed, religion, national origin, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity and expression, age, disability, or Vietnam era, or other eligible veteran status, or any other protected factor.

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