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Guardian Navigation Services Inc Vice President Commercial in Scarsdale, New York

Vice President Commercial: Develop and implement strategies to optimize the company’s commercial ocean shipping operations, expand into new territories and trade markets, and diversify commodities and cargo to manage risk. Review comprehensive market outlooks, including fuel adjustment factors, peak season surcharges, volume outlooks for main trade lanes, capacity and carrier developments, global supply, and import demands in order to forecast the profitability and risk of various trade routes for dry bulk commodities. Analyze global shipping activities and market needs in order to identify opportunities for strategic shipping alliances, such as joint ventures and pooling arrangements. Coordinate with companies in North America, Europe, and Australia to plan and schedule ocean transport voyages, negotiate rates, book cargo, and determine port rotations. Write and negotiate shipping contracts, including contracts of carriage, contracts of affreightment, pooling agreements, and master charterparties. Define and implement comprehensive performance metrics to track the progress and financial position of ocean voyages and adjust schedules and shipments to account for mid-voyage eventualities. Analyze port operations and laytimes to assess liquidated damages due to despatch or demmurage and adjust future terminal contracts and operating procedures as necessary. Review post-mortem reports to analyze capital, operating, and voyage costs against estimates and develop new operating procedures to increase profitability. Work with suppliers and industry partners to implement strategies and technologies to optimize logistical processes and minimize freight forwarding costs. Research and evaluate new shipping opportunities and freight derivatives, such as Forward Freight Agreements (FFAs), to assist the company in hedging against the volatility of trade rates. Stay abreast of the latest trends and technological advancements in the ocean freight industry and act as source of expertise on ocean freight contracts, international trade laws, tariffs, customs, and regulations.

Requirements: The position requires a Master’s degree in Business Administration or a related field and three years of experience in the job offered or a related position in the maritime shipping industry. The position requires skills and knowledge in E-Fleet, Big Data, Financial Modelling, Shipping Contracts, Maritime Legislation, and Risk Management. The position involves incidental travel - 1% of work time, not more than several days a few times per year. 40 hours/week. Job Interview Site: Scarsdale, NY Email Resume to: Guardian Navigation Services Inc. at