New York Seasonal Jobs

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Abendroth's Apple Ridge Orchard Farmworkers and Laborers, Cro* in Sodus, New York

8 fulltime seasonal H-2A jobs available 03/09/2020 - 11/22/2020.

Duties include; clearing orchard alley-ways of brush by hand or with hand-held mechanical hedger, spring/summer pruning fruit trees by hand using a pruning sheer to promote optimum growth of tree and fruit and manual harvesting/picking of fruit from apple, peach and cherry trees. Pruning activities will require workers to use a manual hand-held sheer demanding repetitive clasping of the hand. Pruning may occur form a tractor pulled platform, on which workers will be required to prune fro while the tractor moves down alley-ways. Works must be willing and able to work from 10 ft high pruning platforms. Workers are expected to reach a pruning efficiency of 100 trees pruned per day by the third day of employment. Workers are required to thin the apple trees in the orchard by hand in order to manage the crop load of the trees.

Thinning requires workers to pick individual young fruitlets off of the tree branch in order to reduce crop load. Picking apples requires worker to handle ladders up to 24' and pick into metal-framed canvas covered picking pockets strung around shoulders that weigh up to 50 pounds when filled. Filled buckets are emptied into bulk bins with a capacity of 20 bushes, maintaining the fruit quality as defined in the US standard for grades; fruit injure day bruising shall not exceed 2%. Productivity must be at least 100 bushel boxes per day of fresh market fruit. Workers must be physically able to lift and cary up to 70 lbs on a consistent basis for an 8 hour work day. C

herry harvest includes picking into 10 quart pails slung around shoulder and emptying into a 25 lb plastic lug. Workers are required to use ladders up to 24' to pick. Workers are required to work in the tree and rootstock nursery where young trees are propagated for the orchard. Nursery duties include; weeding between plants by hand, de-leafing young trees by hand and applying granular fertilizer by hand. Employer will furnish to workers all tools required in the performance of the duties assigned without cost. Workers must have experience driving tractor and be willing to operate tractors to fumigate, mow, mulch and harvest the orchard. Workers must be willing to mxi spray chemical tanks and apply pesticides to orchard. Skilled tractor worker is required to operate orchard equipment, especially dring harvest when bin trailers each with five 20 bushel bins of fruit are transported from the orchard to the staging yard. Ability to operate forklifts to move 20 bu bins filled with fruit is required. Basic ability to service tractors is preferred. Ability to recognize and communicate issues with the orchard manager or supervisor is required. Workers must be willing to work in a variety of weather conditions and temperatures.


* Employer will train 3 days then expect worker to meet production standards
* Lifting requirement of 70 lbs.
* Driver requirements
* Exposure to extreme temperatures/repetitive movements/extensive walking/frequent stooping.
* Extensive sitting and extensive pushing/pulling

Entire job duty description (ETA 790 and Spanish translation) should be reviewed and provided to qualified applicants from