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Children's Aid Education and Employment Specialist in Staten Island, New York

Education and Employment Specialist 11/21/22Full Time--Staten Island

Job ID: 005747

Goodhue Center (304 Prospect Avenue)

$45,000 - $50,000

Position Summary:TheEducation and Employment Specialist (EES)works as a member of a team consisting of the Program Director, Therapist/Case Planners and Case Aides to provide comprehensive educational supports, advocacy, and technical assistance to caregivers, youth and staff. For programs serving multi-boroughs the EES serves clients in all contracted boroughs.

The EES will obtain educational records for all school age children and attend all school related meetings/hearings, to assist caregivers with advocating for their child’s educational and social emotional needs in a school setting. Accordingly, the EES will ensure recommended educational support services are provided. The EES advocates for youth at suspension hearings to reduce out of school days if suspension is required.

The EES will report to the director of the program and collaborate with Next Generation Center (NGC) by referring FAP older youths or family members to NGC for career education, job readiness and soft skill building or GED instructions to increase their competitive edge when entering the world of gainful employment, including SYEP.In addition, the EES will be the liaison for YA WORC, facilitate job readiness groups and training for staff to increase their familiarity with DOE policies and procedures and learning trends. The EES will be trained by the Foster Care Educational Specialist team and work closely with them for ongoing technical assistance and joint initiatives.

EES are required to ensure that interactions involving staff and clients are trauma informed and reflect the agency’s DEI and Anti-racism framework.

Responsibilities:* *

  • Monitor, advocate and refer students for educational intervention and support services to meet the individual academic needs of students.

  • Advocate for children to receive a quality, consistent educational experience.

  • Conduct school visits, schedule meetings with pertinent school personnel, dialogue with students and parents, and monitor school documentation to ensure that appropriate academic interventions, mandated special education supports (as applicable), social/emotional supports (i.e. bullying), and opportunities to participate in extracurricular programming are provided as mandated or needed.

  • In collaboration with the Therapists/Case Planners, participate in educational planning meetings including IEP/504, disciplinary hearings, Parent Teacher Conferences, and other educational meetings in support of students and their families.

  • Obtain and review copies of all educational documents (including report cards, IEPs, NYS test scores, etc.)

  • Document all face to face, collateral contacts and data in CONNX, PROMIS systems and Prevention shared drive.

  • Work collaboratively with Therapists/Case Planners to increase the number of students who complete high school or enroll in a GED program. Assist with developing youth academic and vocational goals, and matching individual student needs with academic/financial and other support services/programs.

  • Responsible for enrolling youth in the Summer Youth Employment Program (SYEP.)

  • In collaboration with Foster Care educational unit, arrange customized education-based professional development workshops for Therapists and Case Planners.

  • Cultivate partnerships with other CBOs, schools, support agencies, and businesses to leverage resources in expanding employment opportunities for exposure and experiences that can positively impact achievement outcomes.

  • Participate in group supervision, in-service training, and Prevention/ Foster Care Education Specialist Team Meetings.

  • Be the liaison with the YA WORC program. Facilitate peer job readiness groups and activities.

  • Engage in outreach activities in the community, particularly with DOE, in order to attain required 20% utilization from self-referrals as required by contract.

  • May be required to accept cases in other boroughs where we have contracts for FAP Programs (Bronx, Brooklyn, Manhattan, and Staten Island).

  • Ability to work flexible hour, including working remotely in the field, community or various Children’s Aid (CA)offices to meet the needs of families and improve efficiency and management of time and resources.

Qualifications:* *

  • Minimum Bachelor's Degree in education, social work or related field required.

  • Minimum of one-year experience working in DOE/education system, as a case manager, or role conducting advocacy.

  • Demonstrated ability to work effectively with children, youth and families.

  • Experience in working collaboratively as part of a team.

  • Knowledge of the D.O.E and its Special Education programs preferred.

  • Excellent oral, writing and organizational skills.

  • Flexibility and ability to work under pressure and meet deadlines.

  • Bilingual (Spanish/English) preferred.



Job Type Full Time

Location --Staten Island