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Job Information

Syracuse University Part-Time Faculty-SWK 671 Field Instruction I with Seminar-Virtual Field Experience (VFX) in Syracuse, New York

Falk College is seeking a part-time instructor to teach SWK 671 Field Instruction I with Seminar- Virtual Field Experience (VFX) for the Summer 2022 semester (5/16/22-8/26/22), Online Live Two 120-minute weekly Synchronous Sessions w/asynchronous content management.

Course Description

Supervised (simulated) practice experience to apply knowledge, social work principles, values, and methods and obtain increasing competence and skill for professional practice.

Course co-requisite: SWK 601

Course Overview:

The virtual field experience is designed to build social work competencies through participation in purposeful simulation events that mirror real-life situations and which are nested within a simulated agency environment. Simulations tackle broad complex competencies by partializing them into component skills and developing those skills in a graduated/scaffolded manner. Students develop significant applied skills prior to actually beginning a live agency field placement.

Students will participate in asynchronous and synchronous activities throughout the semester.

Course Requirements:

The virtual field experience is meant to complement the in-agency internship that students complete during SWK 672. This is a foundational experience intended to prepare practicing social workers to engage in social work practice. Course requirements include:

Completion of the asynchronous content provided in the learning platform.

Participation in W & F 6:00 p.m.- 8:00 p.m. live synchronous sessions.