New York Seasonal Jobs

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Milk Pail, LLC Farmworker and Laborer in Water Mill, New York

3 Fulltime H-2A Seasonal Jobs available 3/1/2020-12/30/2020.

Orchard Work Apples, peaches, pears, blueberries pruning (using hand pruners, loppers, and chain saw to cut branches), thinning fruit (using hands to remove excess fruit), harvesting fruit (harvested by hand into buckets and deposited into larger containers apples and pears use a 50 lb bucket to harvest, peaches use a 25 lb crate to harvest, blueberries use a 10 lb bucket to harvest), planting trees. A mnimum productivity standard applies; 80 bushel boxes of Fresh Market apples per day. All fruit to be handled with care to avoid bruising. Fruit injured by bruising, not to exceed 2%. Workers may be instructed to selectively pick mature fruit according to size, color & other USDA standards. Workers must be physically able to pick tree fruit.(45%)

Greenhouse annual and perennial plants planting (planting small plants into pots), plant cleaning (using hands or scissors to pinch plants), plant spacing (separating potted plants and moving two 15 lb trays), general cleanup (sweeping, organizing pots and trays) (20%)

Farm Work grading fruit (using hands to select fruit for appropriate container), aiding in cider production (selecting fruit to be processed, bottling cider, cleaning machinery); peeling/slicing fruit (using a peeler to process fruit); farmyard and building maintenance (weed trimming using a powered machine, sweeping barns, cleaning grading and cider equipment, cleaning tractors and other small equipment); seeding and harvesting pumpkins (picking pumpkins weighing 1 lb to 150 lbs either into crates or loading trucks) (35%)

Machinery operation involved. Drivers license required to transport between work sites. Heavy lifting involved. Due to health and safety concerns on a farm, worker must understand basic instructions in English.

*Machinery operation involved; Driver's license required to transport between work sites; Heavy lifting involved.


* Must have a minimum of three months of verifiable experience in performing the tasks described.
* Driver requirements
* Employer will train
* Lifting requirement of 150 lbs.
* Exposure to extreme temps, repetitive movements, extensive pushing or pulling, extensive sitting or walking and frequent stooping.

Full order (ETA 790 and Spanish translation of terms and conditions) should be reviewed and provided to qualified candidates from the NYSDOL website at