New York Seasonal Jobs

Job Information

NJ Employer farmworker in Williamson, New York

Anticipated period of employment: 09/03/2024 to 11/12/2024

All applicants must have 3 months experience hand harvesting a perishable crop. Applicants must be able to furnish affirmative job references from recent employers.

Summer Prune trees, orchard maintenance, apple harvest, trimming trees, bin repair, hand thinning, planting trees, picking up roots & rocks, operate trucks or other multi-purpose vehicles to transport workers from housing (weather on or off the farm) to the farm properties; haul tools, supplies, or crops; transport workers from place to place around the farm properties during the workday (including on public roads to reach the farm fields); and/or transport workers to the grocery store, bank, or laundry facilities on an as needed basis Those that are requested to drive will be required to possess an appropriate license, no one will be rejected for this position that does not possess a drivers license. See ETA 790/790A for a complete job description.

Only workers meeting all qualifications on the job order should be referred by the Job Service Office. Interested candidates must contact their local employment office to receive a copy of the job order (ETA 790/790A) and applicable attachments. Once the applicant has a copy of the job contract they may call and/or email the employer to schedule an interview Monday- Friday from 8am to 5pm and referred to NY1504252 as the JO is in connection with this NJ number.

See AOSOS comment section before making any referrals.