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Centerplate dba Sodexo Live! Cook III in Wilmington, New York

Cook III

The Cook III position performs as an entry level culinarian among its peer cook positions. The Cook III will assume prep, grill or line responsibilities within the kitchen that require less detail and creativity and will perform responsibilities for food preparation that require less experience and expertise than Cook I and Cook II.

This position may exist in a convention center, a sporting or events arena, restaurant or other type of entertainment-related venue that is managed by Sodexo Live!.

Major Responsibility: Prepare and coordinate orders to ensure they are cooked in a timely, accurate, consistent and quality manner.

Supporting Actions: -Set up and stock station as directed by Executive Chef or Sous Chef. -Ensure all products are prepared, held and served at correct temperatures. -Utilize proper recipes, equipment, tools and utensils. -Ensure that food is portioned and presented according to standards, as well as guest specifications and preferences. -Work in collaboration with other unit culinary team members to achieve operational objectives. -Adhere to company standards for food quality, taste, flavor and presentation. -Participate in the flow of work within the culinary department to maximize quality and efficiency.

End Results: Food is prepared and presented in a consistent, efficient and appetizing manner: All Sodexo Live! standards for food quality are met; Guests receive an E3 experience; Culinary department runs smoothly.

Job Qualifications/Skills Required: -Minimum of 6 months experience in food preparation in a fast paced environment. -Must be able to interact verbally and listen attentively to co-workers and supervisors. -Ability to follow written and oral direction. -Ability to work under pressure and independently.

Preferred: -Culinary degree from an accredited college or university. -1 year experience in food preparation in a fast paced environment.

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities -Read and follow recipes and/or product directions for preparing, seasoning, cooking, tasting, carving and service soups, meats, vegetables, desserts and other food products for consumption in Sodexo Live! venues. -Operate a variety of kitchen equipment to measure and mix ingredients, washing, peeling, cutting and shredding fruits and vegetables, trimming and cutting meat, poultry and fish for culinary use. -Use "Just in Time" and "Batch" cooking to insure freshness and minimize leftover and/or excess food production. Evaluate the relationship of beverages to food. -Inspect food preparation and serving areas to ensure observance of safe, sanitary food-handling practices. -Turn or stir foods to ensure even cooking. -Season and cook food according to recipes or personal judgment and experience. -Observe and test foods to determine if they have been cooked sufficiently, using methods such as tasting, smelling, or piercing them with utensils. -Weigh, measure, and mix ingredients according to recipes or personal judgment, using various kitchen utensils and equipment. -Portion, arrange, and garnish food, for service. -Regulate temperature of ovens, broilers, grills, and roasters. -Substitute for or assist other cooks during emergencies or rush periods. -Bake, roast, broil, and steam meats, fish, vegetables, and other foods. -Wash, peel, cut, and seed fruits and vegetables to prepare them for consumption. -Carve and trim meats such as beef, veal, ham, pork, and lamb for hot or cold service, or for sandwiches. -Butcher and dress animals, fowl, or shellfish, or cut and bone meat prior to cooking. -Prepare relishes and hors d'oeuvres. Must complete established core, compliance and elective training requirements for Skilled Hourly level staff.

For consideration, please apply in person or email resume/work experience to: SHEREE.SPOONER@SODEXO.COM