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Job Information

Windham Mountain Resort ALPINE SUPERVISOR in Windham, New York

Overview of Position: The Ski and Ride School Alpine Supervisor will collaborate with their peers and the Ski and Ride School Managers to ensure instructors are supported in teaching quality lessons, the meeting areas are well organized and professional in appearance, adequate daily staffing and scheduling is managed, all policies and procedures are followed accurately, and any guest or employee issues are resolved effectively. This can be a full-time or part-time seasonal position starting in November and finishing in late March or early April.

Job Responsibilities and Duties:

  • Organize, assign, and monitor the delivery of lessons in a manner that serves the needs of the guests and employees effectively

  • Monitor delivery of lessons to ensure appropriate teaching methods are utilized and provide timely and accurate feedback to instructors to ensure a quality lesson experience

  • Oversee an efficient and friendly check in and check out process

  • Ensure meeting areas and learning areas are set up and taken down daily and maintain a professional appearance

  • Provide performance feedback to staff members including recognition, coaching, and/or disciplinary action as necessary

  • Resolve any guest service issues effectively

  • Ensure compliance with our safety and health standards, policies, and procedures

  • Ensure appropriate daily scheduling and staffing levels for your product and hold instructors accountable to their scheduling commitments

  • Keep accurate records of lesson assignments including guest participation, employee attendance, and payroll records

  • Promote continuous educational development through our in-house training program and/or PSIA/AASI education and certification events

  • Teach lessons occasionally according to business demands

  • Other undefined duties may be required periodically

Job Qualifications and Skills:

  • Must have minimum two seasons experience teaching skiing in a ski and ride school

  • Experience as a supervisor in a ski and ride school preferred

  • Must hold current PSIA Level 1 Certification or equivalent, Level 2 or higher preferred

  • Must have high school diploma or equivalent, college degree in relevant field preferred

  • Must be at least 18 years old

  • Skiing Ability:

  • Must be an advanced level skier capable of skiing all mountain terrain comfortably

  • Must have a strong understanding of the Alpine Responsibility Code

  • Teaching Skills:

  • Ability to collaborate with the leadership team, co-workers, and instructor staff on long-term goals and short-term objectives to achieve consistent high-quality lesson experiences

  • Support instructor staff effectively to manage information, activities, terrain selection, and pacing of students to achieve desired lesson outcomes

  • Promote play, experimentation, and exploration of skills and mountain terrain among instructor staff by facilitating idea-sharing and relating concepts to skill-development

  • Assist instructor staff in adapting to the changing needs of the student through on-snow presence during lesson times and providing relevant coaching and feedback

  • Facilitate the ability for instructors to reflect upon experiences and sensations in lessons by encouraging continued development through training and certification

  • Manage emotional and physical risk of students and instructors to ensure lessons achieve a balance of safety, fun, and learning

  • Technical Skills:

  • Ensure instructors are able to convey and apply accurate technical information for the activities being taught by utilizing appropriate tools and resources such as progress cards, educational materials, and on-snow learning aids

  • Observe and evaluate movement patterns and skills of students and instructors to ensure group cohesiveness; prescribe information to enhance skills and movement patterns.

  • Understand the Alpine Skiing Fundamentals and how they apply to lessons of varying skill levels

  • People Skills:

  • Develop relationships with guests, co-workers, and instructor staff based on trust so expectations, decision-making, and problem-solving can be accomplished with transparency and accountability to the needs of all stakeholders

  • Engage in meaningful two-way communication with all stakeholders to ensure all guest and instructor questions and concerns are addressed efficiently and operational logistics are managed smoothly

  • Identify, understand, and manage your emotions and actions in a manner that fosters a comfortable learning environment for students to achieve their goals and keeps instructors motivated to perform at their full potential

  • Recognize and influence the behaviors, motivations, and emotions of your team to build and foster authentic connections that create a strong work culture dedicated to achieving the school’s goals

  • Physical Requirements

  • Must be able to regularly and consistently move equipment or people weighing up to 50 pounds

  • Must be able to position self to access boots, skis, snowboards or other equipment on the ground or snow surface for yourself and/or students

  • Must be able to observe and identify (visually and auditorily) potential hazards and obstacles including but not limited to safe trail and traffic merging, appropriate lift riding, changing snow conditions, and avoidance of other people and obstacles

  • Must be able to safely walk, hike, ski, and navigate uneven terrain with snow and ice-covered hills and surfaces

  • Must be able to ski comfortably and safely on green and blue terrain up to 6 hours per day

  • Must be able to work in any outdoor winter weather conditions for up to 6 hours per day

  • Must have ability to speak clearly so listeners can understand and must be able to understand the speech of another person

  • Must be able to deliver and receive written communication to complete class lists, timecards, incident reports, and other essential paperwork, and have the ability to read communication delivered by the company including but not limited to emails, work assignments, bulletin board notices, and resort signage

  • Other physical demands that may be occasionally required are as follows: Pushing and/or pulling, stooping, kneeling, and reaching

Work Schedule and Conditions: We are in the business of providing a quality product and experience for our guests. Traditionally our busy periods are during weekends and holiday periods which you will be expected to work. You can also expect to be asked to work extra hours or days on occasion, especially during the holiday periods.

We will attempt to offer consecutive days off and accommodate special scheduling requests, but we cannot guarantee that we will be able to satisfy all requests. We expect employees to arrive promptly.