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Job Information

Windham Mountain Resort SNOWMAKING SYSTEMS OPERATOR in Windham, New York

Overview of Position: This is a full-time year-round position. The Snowmaking Systems Operator performs a critical role in the snowmaking operation. This individual operates, monitors, and controls the snowmaking systems. Snowmaking systems include but are not limited to, local and remote high pressure pumping stations, local high volume compressor system, multiple computer platforms for automated snowmaking systems. Operational season is 10 -14 weeks a year, balance of year is performing mechanical and electrical industrial maintenance.

Job Qualifications:

  • Must be 18 years or older.

  • Must be able to lift up to 50lbs unassisted, walk indoor and outdoor surfaces including snow, bend to check components and monitor system, climb ladders to check oilers and components for the duration of your shift (8+ hours per day)

  • Must have basic mechanical and or electrical aptitude and understanding.

  • Intermediate computer and Micro soft office knowledge.

  • Must be responsible, dependable and logical. This individual will be working with expensive and sensitive equipment.

  • Must have good interpersonal and communication skills.

  • Must be able, with training, to perform scheduled maintenance and repairs.

    Job Duties : The list below represents some of the tasks you will be asked to perform at some time during your employment here at Windham Mountain Resort. We will never expect you to perform a task that you are not adequately trained to perform.

  • Perform daily maintenance checks and operational procedures for compressors, motors, and pumps, - pressure checks, oil checks and changes, heat checks and valve checks, system performance data.

  • Perform snowmaking systems operations; start up, shut down, operation monitoring and adjustment.

  • Operate automated snowmaking guns and systems.

  • Communicate with the snowmakers all relevant information.

  • Perform motor, pump, and compressor repairs and maintenance.

  • Assist with new systems installation, snowmaking guns and systems maintenance.

  • Follow all company procedures, policies and safety requirements.

    Level 1 Snowmaking Systems Operator Job Requirements & Responsibilities ($20-$21/hr.):

  • Has Completed all systems operator trainee requirements.

  • Communicates clearly with snowmaking teams.

  • Must follow all safety procedures and protocols.

  • Actively participates in Level 1 Systems operator training in the following.

  • Can act independently during common system malfunctions.

  • Plans with shift supervisors on resource usage during shift.

  • Can perform operational maintenance as required.

  • Understands drive faults.

  • Understands pump performance and testing.

  • Can perform basic mechanical system maintenance as required.

  • Has started familiarization with relevant equipment technical manuals.

  • Has completed 1 season of operations.

    Level 2 Snowmaking Systems Operator Requirements & Responsibilities ($21-$24/hr.):

  • Has completed all level 1 requirements.

  • Can perform independently during all system operations and malfunctions.

  • Has read and has a solid understanding of equipment technical manuals.

  • Can read relevant schematics.

  • Able to perform system electrical trouble shooting a needed.

  • Performs all non-subcontracted maintenance and repairs independently.

  • Works with subcontractors during maintenance and repair calls.

  • Maintains and submits system operational, maintenance, and repair documentation.

  • Has completed a minimum of 2 seasons of operations.

    Level 3 Snowmaker Job Requirements & Responsibilities ($24-$27/hr.):

  • Has completed all Level 1 & 2 requirements.

  • Develops and improves operational and training processes.

  • Trains level 1 and 2 system operators.

  • Can implement new equipment maintenance and repair documentation.

  • Interfaces with subcontractors and sr. management on all systems capitol repairs and system improvements.

  • Has completed 3 or more seasons of operations.

    Work Schedule and Conditions: We are in the business of providing an Above and Beyond guest experiences. Traditionally our busy periods are during weekends and holidays which you will be expected to work. You can also expect to be asked to work extra hours or days on occasion, especially during the holiday periods or in the event of a breakdown on one of the lifts.