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Consumer Reports Board Member, Consumer Reports Board of Directors in Yonkers, New York

For 80 years, Consumer Reports has stood alongside consumers, empowering them with the knowledge they need to make free, informed, confident choices in a complex marketplace. An independent, nonprofit organization, Consumer Reports works to make the world fairer, safer, and healthier through its rigorous, unrivaled testing and analysis of products and services, groundbreaking investigative reporting on marketplace issues, and by amplifying consumer voices so that they are heard and responded to by manufacturers, regulators, and government leaders.

Consumer Reports Board: Consumer Reports is governed by a volunteer Board of Directors that meets for two days, three times a year and also conducts regular committee meetings. Through an annual election in which Consumer Reports’ paid members are eligible to vote, new Directors are added to the Board when necessary and incumbents are re-elected to the Board when eligible. Potential Board members come from a variety of sources, and some nominate themselves. Some of our most talented Board members have been self-nominated.

For more information about the current members of the Board of Directors, Board structure and responsibilities, and the organization’s annual report, please click on these links:

Applications are due by November 13, 2020

Finalist candidates for the 2021 slate of nominees to the Consumer Reports Board will be contacted in the winter of 2020-21 and interviewed in the spring of 2021. The slate of candidates will then be determined by the Board and put to an up-or-down vote by the membership during the Summer of 2021. The results will be announced at the Annual Meeting in October 2021, with service on the Board to begin at that time.

Members of the Board of Directors are expected to:

Ensure that Consumer Reports' mission and values are clear, current, appropriate, and reflected in ongoing programs, and that Consumer Reports' reputation for independence and integrity is fiercely maintained.

Exercise effective oversight of Consumer Reports' strategic planning, investment in new products and services, technical and financial performance, financial soundness and accountability, program results, and overall advancement of the organization’s mission.

Select, review the performance of, support and, when necessary, replace the president.

Service on the CR Board requires significant commitments of time and participation consistent with that required of other organizations of similar size and complexity. Board members are expected to attend three two-day board meetings annually in February, May, and October, in person as circumstances permit. Board members are also expected to serve on at least one committee and to attend committee meetings, which are usually by conference call, on an ongoing basis. Board members are not compensated for their service, but they are reimbursed for expenses to attend meetings.

The Board of Directors’ goal is to reflect the many-faceted nature of the organization and the diversity of American consumers. The Board requires a wide range of expertise to oversee and direct the broad range of the organization's activities.

Board members share a passion for protecting and advancing the interests of consumers. The Board zealously guards the organization’s reputation and its independence from the influence of the entities and individuals whose products and services we report on. To that end, nominees undergo a rigorous review for potential conflicts of interest.

Street: 101 Truman Avenue