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The Westchester Center for Independent and Assisted Living COOK in Yonkers, New York

The Chef or Cook oversees the smooth operation of dining services inclusive of preparing palatable menus, staff schedules, and general food handling, storage, and meal delivery. The Chef must ensure that food is presentable and meets the nutritional needs, preferences, and requests of the general resident population.


Every attempt has been made to outline all of the details of this position. However, there may be other tasks inherent in the position that may not be listed below. . Ensures that dining services proceed smoothly. . Responsible for handling and preparing food in accordance with sanitary regulations. . Prepare food that is palatable and appetizing in appearance. . Set up meals and meet meal schedules. . Estimate food requirements and apportion servings. . Avoid food waste and observe resident plate waste. . Responsible for the care of kitchen equipment. . Follows standard recipes and menus, making frequent independent decisions relative to the type of meal to be served and method of preparation. . Prepare food for cooking. i.e. Peel, wash, trim, cut foods. . Apportion foods and trim meat, fish, and fowl as required. . Prepare foods according to recipes and add condiments on basis of personal judgment. . Cook, bake, roast, stew, and steam taking into account weights and measurements. . Ensure that food is prepared and served as per schedule. . Test food by taste and smell to determine proper cooking and seasoning. . Must wear a uniform at work inclusive of proper hair covering.


Position Requirements: 1 Must be at least 21 years of age.2. At least a certificate degree from an accredited culinary school is preferred.3. At least 3+ years work full-time experience in food services preparation and supervision.4. Must be flexible as to hours and days of duty, and in urgent situations, work overtime.5. Must be able to communicate effectively utilizing oral, written, and technical modes of communication.6. Must be a professional representative of the organization to the community, regulatory bodies, and any other outside entities.7. Must be able to lead by example as demonstrated by consistently timeliness, task delegation, constant follow up, offering direction, and always available to clients and employees alike in a supporting role.8. Must be very organized and able to complete standard office tasks with minimal assistance.9. Must demonstrate sound judgment when making decisions, considering client rights, internal and external politics, and existing hierarchies.

Job Type: Full-time

Pay: $18.00 - $$0.00 per hour

Benefits: . Dental insurance . Health insurance . Paid time off